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2.03 Sneak Peek: Fetch All The Markers

December 13th, 2012 6 comments

In the last weeks we’ve mostly been working on fixing bugs and preparing events I’m not allowed to talk about (thus no blog posts, I’m afraid). Recently I’ve been working on a couple of minor features the community has been requesting for ages though. Unfortunately, those additions will be in 2.03 which won’t be released in 2012 anymore.

Gotta Fetch’em All!

With the upcoming 2.03 release you’ll be able to collect all of your finished or expired bids and offers from the market you’re currently at. No premium required. Money will be transferred to your character (not bank), items will be added to your inventory. Forget the times where you needed to collect 20+ items manually, just click this little icon:

(Disclaimer: icon might change until release)

Put A Needle On It!

Did you ever wanted to share a nice spot on the map with your fellow players? Or save a location on the map because you wanted to visit it later again? Guess what, your wishes have been heard!

In 2.03 , there’s the possibility to add up to (currently) 10 markers on the map which can be shared with other players in chats, town forums and telegrams. A short headline has to be added to each marker to describe the spot and to distinguish different markers from each other. Additionally, those markers are shown on the minimap and from there, you can also directly jump to a marker’s position.

As I’m writing this our artist is still working on the graphics for the markers, so I randomly choosed some icons. Their won’t be any blue questionmarks on the map, promise :-).

We also have been working on the “midnight issue”. Every midnight, when we’re handing out bonds, players cannot log in for a couple of minutes (depending on the amount of players playing on the world).

That is annoying and we slightly changed the handout process to reduce the block-time per player significantly. It’s still in testing though.

That’s it for this 2.03 sneak peek, enjoy your holidays and a happy new year!

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World Migration coming soon …

April 12th, 2012 63 comments

Today i want to introduce a really big topic which was discussed a lot in the past and finally we can tell you something what this all about.

So what is this all about?
With the world migration you will be able to move your favorite character to another World in your market for example if i am playing with my main character on world 1 in germany i can move it to another world in germany.

Can i transfer to every world? Can i also transfer from a non premium to a premium world or opposite?
Not as default. Every Community-Manager of any market will be able to create “migration-routes” this means he can decide from which to which world you will be able to transfer. There will also be in game announces if you are able to migrate from your world.

If a route exists do i have to transfer/migrate my character and what is happened if i have already a character on the new world?
First of course you don’t have to migrate any character it is your decision, but keep in mind the idea of migration is to get much as possible players to the same worlds and remove old, empty worlds. If you have already a character on the world you want to migrate to, you will need to delete that character first. We don’t want to do this by script because of the support cost if character was wrong migrated or deleted. So if you want to migrate one character to another world you have to secure that there is no character on this world.

What will be migrated?
Your character with all of his stats, inventory, skills, profession, recipes, quests, achievements, avatar, premium settings.

What will not be migrated?
Your messages, forts, town. This means you will leave your town / alliance and you will be townless on the world.

How to migrate a character?
The migration will be located in the settings page if there is an available route from your world to another you can migrate your character. If you choose to migrate you have to secure that you have no auctions, tasks or other stuff left equals to deletion requirements. Another thing i talked already about, you have to secure that there is no character on the world you migrate to. Problem in this case could be that you will have to wait 5 days until the character will be deleted. If everything is fine your character moves to a migration state this means you will not be able to log in into both worlds until the migration is finished which normally should be executed at night.

I hope i could give you a small overview over this feature which will be released soon. If you have any questions please ask i will comment them or add them to this post.


Version 1.36 is largely finished already and will be deployed soon, i will write down the change log in the next days.

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Lets start into the new year on DevBlog

February 6th, 2012 24 comments

Hi all,

there wasn’t so much interessting stuff the last few months as you now we changed inventory, traders and market. There were some issue with the graphics some were too small some were ok. Now in the beginning of 1.35 i think we are fine with inventory, trader and market and a big topic was born “Union Pacific Shop” as you know there will be included the daily activity list. Another change which might not be that interessting i am using the U.S. keyboard layout from now on for programming (so features will take longer until i get used to it) πŸ˜€

I think the union pacific trader is an interessting topic but i don’t want to talk much about it because there are so many disccusions and informations in the forums. So i made the decision to tell you and show you something you should not already know πŸ™‚

At the moment we are doing some prototyping for the new map, please keep in mind that everything i will show you is just a proof of concept and prototypes there is nothing final, nothing finished yet and the whole map thing is planned for 3rd quarter this year.

Some desert i already love it πŸ˜€ I know there are not that much details right now but you know the existing map i think everything will be better or even can be better =)

Β Here we have some mountains, towns and a change over from greenlands to desert.

And last but not least i have a more technical screenshot from our prototype editor to make some proofs of concept. As i said we have already some cool designs but there is no final concept right now i can only say it will change the whole game ….

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The West wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

December 23rd, 2011 15 comments

… is it already that time again?

Time flies and from nowhere the western citizens evolved an individual Appearance and increased their social skills and learned the meaning of a word: Friends.

Strangers became Bandits and were feared, some of them have Titles.

Also they discovered their preference to collect stuff and were happy to have some Achievements in their lives.

To manage hard times and have some fun a game named Poker has been invented, since then it also costs a few lives because cheating is not appreciated.

A bean that accidently felt into the soup pot, which tastes good, aroused the idea of starting cooking,
besides that citizens found out that riding a horse with blankets is not that hurtful.
Blacksmith’s developed new recipes for forging new weapons.
Crafting experimental items from miscellaneous objects were also a favorite pastime.

Last winter was cold and the citizens thought it can’t be that they are freezeing that much on the lower body, so the Pants have been invented.

Most of the Buildings started to ruinous and a Redesign was important for continued existence.


That and a few more things happened in the World of The West this year.
We hope you had as much fun this year in the game as we had in developing it.
We all want to thank the players which contributed to improve the game and helped us to spot bugs.

So for now we all let everything cooldown and refresh our energy for the next year to have a graceful start with the next version.


The West-Team whishes you Merry Christmas, tons of gifts and a Happy New Year.


(Dear Trolls out there… be aware of the punish-rod.)

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Get nice looking errors.

November 9th, 2011 18 comments

We made changes to the layout of one of our basic component which you meet everyday (maybe unconscious).
Times are over that you get that angry red box which is trying to tell that you or we made a mistake!

I proudly present our new MessageDialog:

Isn’t it great?
Besides you can now prevent the message (the upper box in the picture) from fading when you move the mouse over it, just to read the text in there slowly, after you’re finished click on it
to close it, of course the box is resuming fading when you moved the mouse away from it.

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Upcoming Inventory Changes – The dream of a Developer

October 25th, 2011 15 comments

Hi guys,

i am actually working on some inventory changes as you may noticed on Beta. We have several problems with the inventory because the actual inventory system is a whole mess :'(. First of all we always request the whole inventory by every inventory request which really really sucks for both client performance and server performance. In my first changes already live on Beta i changes this and just request the inventory once if its not loaded and then just exchange the changes on the inventory insetad of loading everythin again and again. The second thing which i every dislike is the sorting. All items are sorted by itemid but if we buy something or have changes in inventory there going on some serious choking on the actual Beta version i commited its even more worse. Third problem if you craft something or reward an item it will not be added to your inventory. Its there after reloading inventory. On Beta version i already implemented some listeners to get items more “live”, so if crafting finished the item should be instantly added to your inventory if its opened.

Why all these changes or what we want to do with that? Well my dream is we just have one inventory / bagback instead of hundreds copies for every single traders. I think it will take a while to change everything but my vision is to have one inventory where we can change all things which happening during the game and we are able to make it more “live”, using less performace on server and client.

What you gain? I think we can reduce the amount of loaded items and stuff which will make the game more smooth and i also think it is much easier to handle just one inventory instead of a whole bunch.

What it could look like?

I know already you will hate the numbers for different pages, but if there are big inventories its a mess to render every item at one view for every browser and thats one reason why inventory is really slow for people who have big inventories. Please keep in mind that its a preview and the tooltip won’t be implemented like that its just a dummy. Our plan is that the inventory can be docked to traders or your equipmentwindow, but maybe it will become his own inventory place we are not sure about it now.

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Upcoming Changes with 1.3x or maybe 1.4? ;)

September 27th, 2011 33 comments

Hi all,

always when i look on the dev Blog i realize that i make to less posts πŸ˜‰ But at the moment i can’t tell that much we are doing a lot of backend Stuff in 1.33 and trying to get out more server performance and we have some good results already achieved. In Frontend development there a lot of old screens transformed to the new layout some are good some are still bad and need some work, so we made a lot of rollouts on public beta and had a lot of bugs then we did a lot of bug fixing, rollout etc. But after that more maintain version 1.33 we want to implement some more cool stuff πŸ˜€

Stuff like the new Town overview and Building placement. I think zet posted some ideas long time ago and finally we have a concept but its not finalized yet so i can’t tell you that much. But you will be able to build your “own” town which means different graphic sets, you can place your buildings on other locations, you are able place stuff like trees, seas and some new things you will need some material for it. The other new thing to the town is our plan is that buildings can get damaged over time and you have to repair it or you will loose a whole building πŸ™‚ I have also one screenshot for you guys (notice this is an really early screenshot and it is not completly :D)

Second upcoming change will be to improve the market i know a lot of ppl ask for it days? months? years? I don’t know but the good news are we will do something πŸ˜€ We have a really great list of improvements which are requested by the players and we hope we can improve the market so that everyone will like it πŸ™‚ (In the next days i will write more about it, this is my hint to not forget about it)

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Working on some GUI

September 1st, 2011 18 comments

First: Yep, I am leaving the The West team soon and made mostly clean up and minor improvement works in the past month. For example, the reload and minimize buttons for the new window gui is working now properly, I added a combobox GUI element and I’ve added some other minor stuff.

I am not so happy to leave the team now as there are still features that should be added and updated, like a new duel system, the character migration, and a new multiplayer event thing similar to fort battles and I would have really liked to do that myself. But after 2 1/2 years in the team, a project switch could do me good and gives others to step up.

So long then, I am looking forward for new updates in the game, I am sure there’s much to come in the future!

— Zet

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August 29th, 2011 11 comments

Hi all,

i am very sorry for the lack of news lately. It was vacation time πŸ˜‰ In future i will try to post more often and keep you more informed. My first announcement for today isn’t the best thing for The-West: zet will leave our Team on the 1st of September, he will still work for our company, but on a different game. In order to keep the game alive 2 new guys joined our team. Marcel, our new Frontend Developer and Hilko started his study at our company, he will support us in Backend-Development after some time of adjustment to his new job.

In the future we plan to make The-West more stable and optimized. Because of Zet leaving us we’re losing a lot of experience and because of that we can’t implement that many features for now. But i think it’s not a problem because we know we have still lots of bugs and unbalanced things in the game. We will take the time and try to get the game more user friendly, stable and optimized πŸ™‚

There is one new feature planned for the next update i would like to show and introduce: The Friendlist

With the friendlist you are going to be able to invite friends to The-West or add friends who are already playing on your world to your friendlist. In the Friendlist you can see some details about your friends like online status, level, town, class. There will be also a lot more achievements regarding this feature.

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1.32 will be released on Beta soon

July 5th, 2011 58 comments

Hi there,

sorry for our long absence, but we have changed some internal processes. For everyone who cares about we changed our development process to scrum. Our 1st sprint is done and we are in the middle of our 2nd sprint and of course we have already some results we want to introduce.

1st we finished the screendesign and technical part of the new achievement system

2nd we are still busy with redesign old screens and fit them to the new layout

And last but not least the avatargenerator is nearly done

Our plan is to update the public beta this week there will be a lot more features, bug fixes and content. Looking forward to your comments πŸ™‚

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