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Lets start into the new year on DevBlog

Hi all,

there wasn’t so much interessting stuff the last few months as you now we changed inventory, traders and market. There were some issue with the graphics some were too small some were ok. Now in the beginning of 1.35 i think we are fine with inventory, trader and market and a big topic was born “Union Pacific Shop” as you know there will be included the daily activity list. Another change which might not be that interessting i am using the U.S. keyboard layout from now on for programming (so features will take longer until i get used to it) 😀

I think the union pacific trader is an interessting topic but i don’t want to talk much about it because there are so many disccusions and informations in the forums. So i made the decision to tell you and show you something you should not already know 🙂

At the moment we are doing some prototyping for the new map, please keep in mind that everything i will show you is just a proof of concept and prototypes there is nothing final, nothing finished yet and the whole map thing is planned for 3rd quarter this year.

Some desert i already love it 😀 I know there are not that much details right now but you know the existing map i think everything will be better or even can be better =)

 Here we have some mountains, towns and a change over from greenlands to desert.

And last but not least i have a more technical screenshot from our prototype editor to make some proofs of concept. As i said we have already some cool designs but there is no final concept right now i can only say it will change the whole game ….


  1. Valentin
    Valentin February 6, 2012

    I really do like the map, It’s all pretty and stuff. But I got a question, what will happen to our current towns? Will they remain or will we have to build new ones?

  2. cl3ar
    cl3ar February 6, 2012


  3. Bluep
    Bluep February 6, 2012

    Mhhh… looks nice! I like this first concept 🙂
    (But I hope you won’t be able to see *other’s* HP in that label, over Kevin..)

    But as always… I really really really hope you’re going to fix the current construction sites first, before going on to such drastic changes. Really.

  4. aliebaba
    aliebaba February 6, 2012

    rainyyyyyyy :D, thx a lot to post something it makes my good day only better!

    it’s verry nice looking now, am really curious to what you will make of it! 😀

  5. idluckyone
    idluckyone February 6, 2012

    the maps are looking interesting, but … I hope, the towns will be showed more bigger on the final map … I like the mountains, but for sure I’m not going to do mountaineering in this game by my self, but only as a mission or a work job, or/and to find some useful items 🙂

  6. mennik
    mennik February 7, 2012

    another update to memorize :p

  7. Stolkie
    Stolkie February 10, 2012

    Great!!! i love these pictures!
    i’ll put them as my screensaver…:P
    can we see some more?

  8. February 10, 2012

    Hi dev’s,

    The maps look great…really looking forward for this change 😀

    But from looking at the map…and remembering a screenshots you guys posted a while back about changes to the cities…this is looking a lot like lagoonia…is this the intention ?

  9. *general*
    *general* February 13, 2012

    even if there is nothing new, then thats the thing to post.

    but this looks nice… im looking forward to this

  10. the black penny
    the black penny February 13, 2012

    i think it looks absolutely brilliant.
    the detail to some of the country side is phenomenal.
    the great part about some of the art work is, even when you blow up the image size, it still keeps its pixel ratio and definition.

    but there is still a lot of work to be done, to make it all just as crisp as the rocks.

    but *general* is right.
    no more sneak peeks(thats kills the surprise)
    only a few random buttons that you have been working on, some text bugs that you have fixed, only the bare minimum of things,, “keep these goons rowing for days before they realise there is no dry land”

    ps, good mate of mine just done a deal to sell the starter motor for the Argentinian presidential plane.
    funny, because my old primary school teacher was in a museum, looking at a painting, when low and behold standing next to him was a young girl and a lady, by the name of maxima and Amelia.
    he just stood there listening in on some of the conversations.
    and only afterwards did it dawn on him that they where not being escorted by security guards.
    “its surly a wonderful painting, that has been admired by a great many “

  11. Feca7
    Feca7 February 15, 2012

    “Now in the beginning of 1.35 i think we are fine with inventory”
    Really? So don’t you plan to fix this graphical disaster?
    I’m closer and closer to the end of my road on The West.
    This game is not that game…

  12. abedy
    abedy February 17, 2012

    Feca, inventory is fine, what is your problem with it?

  13. the black penny
    the black penny February 22, 2012

    consumer confidence at an all time high, with no hysteria or confusion.

    “have you cleared your cache memory today?

  14. the black penny
    the black penny March 8, 2012

    I sent in a support ticket.

    How the game has become very user unfriendly, complex, having to read a dozen manuals, and having to switch from tab to tab constantly.
    Very disorientating, simple answers are hidden within forums, threads or web pages..not readily available.
    Having to check and refresh my cache memory constantly <—–very bad
    Forced to change browsers, having to install tabs, and applications for full gaming experience.

    New players will be turned away by this.
    Demographics state that new players have an attention span of less then ten min.
    They want to have fun, rather then struggle at the start of the game…not forced to read hundreds of books,,,just to be able to play.

    I love the fan sites, the fort sites, the west stats, all the hard worked on updates and more.
    But all the work seems to be in vain, it has become more disorientating as the game has progressed.
    More content to the game, but with less players(old news) a simple change has changed the game style and way to play…interesting.

    With companies it is the same.
    The larger they become, the more complex, slow and problematic
    communications can cripple,. makes the company very fragile and unstable..even the
    really really big ones.
    “im not going to buy that, because I don’t know what it is, what it does and how to work it”

    In short.
    I don’t want to act like a spider monkey having to juggle 3 coconuts at a time while swinging from branch to branch.
    I would rather be huddling comfortable around a camp fire warming my hands while admiring the glow.

    “The game has progressively become user unfriendly”

  15. rainy
    rainy March 15, 2012

    there are no big things going around at the moment. We do a lot of backend stuff like tracking, cooperations, bug fixing. A part of the team still working on the map another part is creating some new concepts i will introduce on the blog the next days.

  16. The Bowman
    The Bowman March 17, 2012

    Wouldn’t it be possible to build bridges ? It feels lame that you can cross any water (or mountain). That will add a new strategical level.

  17. Tanais
    Tanais March 19, 2012

    I agree with the bowman, building bridges (and maybe even railroad tracks) would add a new strategical level, as long as it keeps simple for beginning players. Because (just like the black penny said) making things too difficult will result in loss of players 🙁

  18. *general*
    *general* March 26, 2012

    look a big applause for Rainy, even this kind of information let us know that you havent forgotten us en you let us know where you guys aare working on so I agree with william

  19. rainy
    rainy April 11, 2012

    1.36 ist largely finished most of it is just content but i will post some stuff tomorrow

  20. William Manney
    William Manney April 11, 2012

    rainy :
    1.36 ist largely finished most of it is just content but i will post some stuff tomorrow


    Thanks rainy 🙂

  21. Killado
    Killado May 22, 2012

    Make is less resource and bandwith consume….
    For people with a 1mb or less connections, those graphics can make the game a hard to play game…

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