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World Migration coming soon …

Today i want to introduce a really big topic which was discussed a lot in the past and finally we can tell you something what this all about.

So what is this all about?
With the world migration you will be able to move your favorite character to another World in your market for example if i am playing with my main character on world 1 in germany i can move it to another world in germany.

Can i transfer to every world? Can i also transfer from a non premium to a premium world or opposite?
Not as default. Every Community-Manager of any market will be able to create “migration-routes” this means he can decide from which to which world you will be able to transfer. There will also be in game announces if you are able to migrate from your world.

If a route exists do i have to transfer/migrate my character and what is happened if i have already a character on the new world?
First of course you don’t have to migrate any character it is your decision, but keep in mind the idea of migration is to get much as possible players to the same worlds and remove old, empty worlds. If you have already a character on the world you want to migrate to, you will need to delete that character first. We don’t want to do this by script because of the support cost if character was wrong migrated or deleted. So if you want to migrate one character to another world you have to secure that there is no character on this world.

What will be migrated?
Your character with all of his stats, inventory, skills, profession, recipes, quests, achievements, avatar, premium settings.

What will not be migrated?
Your messages, forts, town. This means you will leave your town / alliance and you will be townless on the world.

How to migrate a character?
The migration will be located in the settings page if there is an available route from your world to another you can migrate your character. If you choose to migrate you have to secure that you have no auctions, tasks or other stuff left equals to deletion requirements. Another thing i talked already about, you have to secure that there is no character on the world you migrate to. Problem in this case could be that you will have to wait 5 days until the character will be deleted. If everything is fine your character moves to a migration state this means you will not be able to log in into both worlds until the migration is finished which normally should be executed at night.

I hope i could give you a small overview over this feature which will be released soon. If you have any questions please ask i will comment them or add them to this post.


Version 1.36 is largely finished already and will be deployed soon, i will write down the change log in the next days.


  1. mennik
    mennik April 16, 2012

    nuggets always get transfered because these are linked to your account not to your player.

  2. moskow
    moskow April 16, 2012

    On one side i think it’s great for having full worlds with lots of action.

    On the other hand the problem is that most likely we will only have routes available to premium worlds since these are more recent than the “normal” worlds….

    Wich means that the players that gave their best in standard worlds will (if they want to migrate of course) have to face credit card kids with double the skills/attributes…because they can buy them!!!

    So, either we buy skills to compete with the other players…or…we don’t stand a chance…

    I only see 3 options…

    1. One remains in a (empty) world until it’s completly bored and quits…
    2. One moves to a premium world and quits because he can’t afford to compete…
    3. One adjusts and spends money to be competitive in a free game…

    wich option you guys think will be the most common?

  3. moskow
    moskow April 16, 2012

    P.S.: In my opinion players should only be allowed to move between worlds of the same kind.

    From normal to normal or premium to premium.

    Cross migrations I think it will completely unbalance the game…

  4. -Neo-
    -Neo- April 18, 2012

    The main concern is the premium differences.

    It is feared that full premium players would be allowed to migrate.
    This imho would be a mistake to allow them to do so.
    Having extra skill points is a massive advantage.
    It means you will win more duels, be more efficient in forts and be able to do more jobs.
    Some noobs who have issues with thinking say it is but a minor advantage… put it this way, in the west that I play, every skill point counts.

    So this is definitely not an option. all characters in full premium worlds should not be allowed to move anywhere.

    That said it seems people aren’t against expanded premium world players joining w1 (classic).
    For sure there is a slight advantage in having 1 hour jobs rather than 2 (and that is the only advantage expanded has over classic) but I think w1 players would welcome the activity.
    maybe this would be a great opportunity to bring 1hr jobs to w1? and get rid of “expanded premium”? (and before anyone starts whining and eating cheese, reskill potions are a lot cheaper than shaman reset)

    After asking around and discussing options it seems moving to w1 is the best option for anyone in an expanded premium world.

    the last option that would have to be carefully discussed before implementing would be to move to a new world.
    But who in their right minds would want to start a character on a world full of huge players?
    This would remove the excitement of having a new world in the first place.

    So it comes down to all of us expanded premium players choosing between w1 and a full premium world.
    That for me is a no brainer.

  5. the black penny
    the black penny April 18, 2012

    Im gonna start acting like a mentalist, or a mental patient, one of the two I keep forgetting
    Where I can do mass forecast and predictions of the far future, like I did 3 years ago.
    While rubbing fish soup into my armpits .

    1.Why do all the other gaming companies let their servers run empty and dry.
    The players have paid ???

    2.Why does inno think they are sooo special that they can now change what ,,every other company has done, and move all the players over to what ever world they feel fit…just to enhance the gaming experience and longevity of the game.

    Rather let them run dry.
    Rather spend more time on the new box set of “the west” (make it nice)
    Rather rethink how to get the non active players (roughly the majority of the players), to become more …..connected, informed, integrated and “with the program”.
    From an alliance of 500 strong and they cant get a large fort filled.
    From an alliance 500 strong, and they can only get 25 votes on a single forum.
    Some players still don’t know about “you can change your character image”
    Some players still haven’t selected a craft yet.

    But hey.
    At least inno cared about the game experience to actually do something about it.
    And notice how “the dripster developer” came with all the answers, ready and prepaired.

    let em run dry,, work on the new box set…looks great.

  6. Killado
    Killado April 19, 2012

    Well this can be a good option. But, like it is sayed, we need rules for it:
    Classic worlds cannot get people than from classic worlds and people can only move from those to others on a very special situation*;
    The normal premium worlds can only migrate to normal premium worlds. Only on a very special situation* can migrate to others;
    The extended premium (aka fast servers) can only migrate to extended premium worlds.

    With this 3 rules the migration could reduce worlds and nobody would be with advantages.
    We know that the extended premium worlds people can do the things in 6 months when the others need 2 to 3 years to do it. Those worlds cannot be on the same page.
    *special situation: world would be closed in 6 months time.

  7. Marcus
    Marcus April 22, 2012

    A major problem that I have with this idea of migration is that you cannot migrate your town to another world. Why? Well it’s simple.
    In my case, I am in the same town from the day I started to play (about 3-4 years ago), I build the town from scratch. In the previous update you have removed the building limit for the church, so now I have a town with +500.000 points.
    Now if the migration will be implemented when I will be forced to migrate to another world, I will be forced to leave my town. I don’t think it’s fair that all my work thousands of $$$ spent for rising the town, hundred of hours of labor to be lost because I can’t migrate the town.
    Maybe it’s best that we should be able to migrate the towns, and just adding a minimum limit of points for a town to have for being able to migrate. (+100.000 points or any other limit.)

    Sorry my english mistakes, it’s not my native language.

  8. Drifter2k
    Drifter2k May 5, 2012

    In the voting thread for The West Forum I posted an idea that would help mitigate the pain of moving to a new world for the folks with towns. It’s similar to Eminent Domain, its not perfect, and it would help clear the worlds. I have included it below for those interested, with apologies if this is the wrong place to share.

    I believe that I may have a solution to the town issue. This being near and dear to my heart I have put a lot of thought into it. I have put this together with the following in mind:

    First: No decision made will make everyone happy

    Second: Its better to walk away with something than nothing

    Third: Work done by the new worlds old residents and the new residents(in their old world) needs to both be considered.

    Short form: The idea is similar to a Government Buyout. The Devs (Government) buy out the towns on condemned worlds.

    Long Form:

    The Devs create a code that values each building in a town based on its level (partial level included). This value is added to the amount in the town treasury (not physically).

    The town founder is then given a time frame to change worlds, when they do the town on the old world is locked and the total amount (treasury plus buildings value) is divided among the residents and founder. Each resident receives 1 share and the founder receives 2 shares. This could be done in a packet like the easter bonds.

    When the founder arrives in the new world they receive a one time message, something to the effect of: “The relocation office has designated the following land for your move. Accept, Decline”. The “land” is selected at random from any ghost towns or building site available on the world. If there are none then one is created at random in a random location. The founder then simply moves into the new town and sends out invitations to all the old townies.

    This setup would allow all the folks that helped build the town to receive a piece of the pie. It would guarantee that there would be a place they could go in their new world. A town that is well knit together will gather and begin working on their new town.

    Townies who do not rejoin their old group in the new world will be adding to the economy of the new world and assisting any old town that was already there.

    Founders who do not take the one time offer of land in the new world will be doing the same thing.

    Founders who do take the offer will be reinvesting the money into their new town and providing a new, active town for trade, dueling, and fort fights.

    Yes, you may end up with a town that needs a lot of work. Yes, there will be more active towns and some new alliances. And yes, this is not a perfect solution. But I think it will ease some of the tensions and help make things a bit better in the transition.

    Ghost towns could be locked down before the initial script runs. This way all the towns would eventually end up locked and unable to be reactivated.

  9. vitamin2002
    vitamin2002 May 15, 2012

    you say me , towns and fort will not transfer ! for forts its OK as we can take or loose any fort … but for town , i can not say OK
    people do hard work for build town , special when church unlimited level up come , about our town in .net server , 8 player do hard work for level up town church for level 100 ! so you come now and say we can not transfer town ? you ignore people hard work … its not fare … developer of west can not ignore people hard work … please dont do this …
    also can you make something about market ? i dont like walk all the world for pick up my money and item/product from market then transfer for another world !

  10. the black penny
    the black penny May 18, 2012

    dude dripster developer.
    noticed INNO has another game on the market.

    they have a few games that are in BETA, semi development and completion?
    its great that there is product development.
    but aint it a bit risky having several games in several stages of completion?

    are you gonna surprise us all and scrap the migration thing? 🙂

  11. Santhosh Pandit
    Santhosh Pandit June 26, 2012

    Kudos to Innogames!

    Migration thing is great. But it will lead to many RULE Breaking situations. Also players will swap items in different worlds.

    I just noticed one player giving 3.key for 7500$ to another player since he is moving from that world. 😛 These kind of actions has to be noticed and Warned and Banned.

    Cheers! 🙂

  12. Santhosh Pandit
    Santhosh Pandit June 28, 2012

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