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Lets start into the new year on DevBlog

February 6th, 2012 24 comments

Hi all,

there wasn’t so much interessting stuff the last few months as you now we changed inventory, traders and market. There were some issue with the graphics some were too small some were ok. Now in the beginning of 1.35 i think we are fine with inventory, trader and market and a big topic was born “Union Pacific Shop” as you know there will be included the daily activity list. Another change which might not be that interessting i am using the U.S. keyboard layout from now on for programming (so features will take longer until i get used to it) 😀

I think the union pacific trader is an interessting topic but i don’t want to talk much about it because there are so many disccusions and informations in the forums. So i made the decision to tell you and show you something you should not already know 🙂

At the moment we are doing some prototyping for the new map, please keep in mind that everything i will show you is just a proof of concept and prototypes there is nothing final, nothing finished yet and the whole map thing is planned for 3rd quarter this year.

Some desert i already love it 😀 I know there are not that much details right now but you know the existing map i think everything will be better or even can be better =)

 Here we have some mountains, towns and a change over from greenlands to desert.

And last but not least i have a more technical screenshot from our prototype editor to make some proofs of concept. As i said we have already some cool designs but there is no final concept right now i can only say it will change the whole game ….

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