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The West wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

… is it already that time again?

Time flies and from nowhere the western citizens evolved an individual Appearance and increased their social skills and learned the meaning of a word: Friends.

Strangers became Bandits and were feared, some of them have Titles.

Also they discovered their preference to collect stuff and were happy to have some Achievements in their lives.

To manage hard times and have some fun a game named Poker has been invented, since then it also costs a few lives because cheating is not appreciated.

A bean that accidently felt into the soup pot, which tastes good, aroused the idea of starting cooking,
besides that citizens found out that riding a horse with blankets is not that hurtful.
Blacksmith’s developed new recipes for forging new weapons.
Crafting experimental items from miscellaneous objects were also a favorite pastime.

Last winter was cold and the citizens thought it can’t be that they are freezeing that much on the lower body, so the Pants have been invented.

Most of the Buildings started to ruinous and a Redesign was important for continued existence.


That and a few more things happened in the World of The West this year.
We hope you had as much fun this year in the game as we had in developing it.
We all want to thank the players which contributed to improve the game and helped us to spot bugs.

So for now we all let everything cooldown and refresh our energy for the next year to have a graceful start with the next version.


The West-Team whishes you Merry Christmas, tons of gifts and a Happy New Year.


(Dear Trolls out there… be aware of the punish-rod.)


  1. JoxerTM
    JoxerTM December 23, 2011

    Long time no see… With hope it’ll change next year, happy everything.

  2. aliebaba
    aliebaba December 24, 2011

    Happy christmas and new year to,
    For next year, I hope to see a few things :D.

    A roadmap that will be completly done ^^
    poker with ingame money
    a rebalancing of all items
    and the graphic things a lot better than now on the beta 😛
    And ofcourse, more posts on the dev’blog

    but, that’s for next year, now

  3. Yorga
    Yorga December 28, 2011

    I hope they fix lvl 10 weapons with 100-200 dam because is insane to let someone to use at level 10 weapon better than GG weapons 🙂

  4. bones959
    bones959 December 30, 2011

    I hope all had a very Merry Christmas. Congratulations on the Best Game Expansion award. I look forward to 2012 and The West regaining the title of best overall. Keep up the great work.

  5. the black penny
    the black penny December 31, 2011

    Yesterday I attempted to wash the dog.
    Today im getting a series of rabies injections and a tetanus shot.
    Tomorrow im taking the dog to the vet.

    Last week I was talking to a friend of mine that is selling his company, they do some odd simple programming of all sorts, cameras, java, c++ cell phones, real simple things.
    He left driving his SLK to catch a private jet to London….funny he has only had the company for less then 6 years.

    Last month I just finished a massive marketing campaign to launch and unveil a new product to an entire continent…not me….I was only part of the team.

    This year, I am undertaking a project that is part of a company that feeds a third of the country, a third due to the fact that there are 2 other competing companies with the same product.

    i have just spoken to, and worked with another 3D company that won an Oscar for the 3d lay out in the gladiator movie…(the sceane from the theatre part…)
    funny, coz they are also part of the team and part and did the work on the product launch,,,small world………………………………………….

    This is all big talk.
    But with you I have noticed real work to unveil real products with results.
    Hectic frantic and above all,, very tiresome and draining.
    I know games on face book “the bunny hops and eats grass” and you pay for that, and the game is still in beta ..after 4 years .
    The snow was a good effect for you guys.

    Get your self a quality assurance programmer, they are a bit more expensive.
    But they can rip apart any program/game, like a child unwrapping a Christmas present.
    They clean up the code.
    A little bit more time on your apart, more costs.
    But a better finish, less bugs, less translation problems, and saves a few thousand (accumulated ) hours from the staff,,,
    Makes more free time for creative ideas and issues.
    (just code away , and let them fix it)

    Ps. Heard from one of your culturally mixed players, that it is bad luck to wish people happy new year before the new year (I have been doing that all day:)

    Pps. Have a great time and a great evening,, give your selves a pat on the back,,,but then straighten that collar again, stomach in, shoulders back,,,your meant to represent.

    Ppps. Your woodoo voodoo troll beating device may be broken.
    A threat can be seen as a challenge, a provoking action.

    I challenge “you” to a duel at sundown…….
    Have a great time 🙂

  6. William Manney
    William Manney January 11, 2012

    No news of new content since 9 November.

    legedric, do not be lazy! 😛

    Tell us what you who are working or any project.

  7. Fragohol1C
    Fragohol1C January 12, 2012

    We Want Zet Back! 🙂

  8. aliebaba
    aliebaba January 12, 2012

    Fragohol1C :
    We Want Zet Back!

    check ! 😀

  9. *general*
    *general* January 18, 2012

    We want some new info… please please please

    every one is always saying : yeah this time we will keep you more informed but…
    every time again there is no quick follow up. even if you don’t have anything new, a communication of some sort will be always apriciated.

    so post a new “something”

  10. the black penny
    the black penny January 18, 2012

    its good to see that people are so eager with the news updates.

  11. CALLlKA
    CALLlKA January 19, 2012

    have any information about 1.35?

  12. *general*
    *general* January 27, 2012

    still no new post… come on… let us hear something. even if you say that a lot of stuff is under construction but let us hear something.. this is frustrating

  13. William Manney
    William Manney January 29, 2012

    3 months without news… 🙁

    Zet wrote more than you.

    Is it difficult to publish something?

  14. Crazy Max
    Crazy Max February 3, 2012

    What’s happening to West. Is it a ghost town?

  15. *general*
    *general* February 5, 2012

    ok now weve got some news… but only through our own community manager….
    thought this was THE place for new things….

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