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Get nice looking errors.

We made changes to the layout of one of our basic component which you meet everyday (maybe unconscious).
Times are over that you get that angry red box which is trying to tell that you or we made a mistake!

I proudly present our new MessageDialog:

Isn’t it great?
Besides you can now prevent the message (the upper box in the picture) from fading when you move the mouse over it, just to read the text in there slowly, after you’re finished click on it
to close it, of course the box is resuming fading when you moved the mouse away from it.


  1. abedy
    abedy November 9, 2011

    well done guys, looks nice 😉

  2. JoxerTM
    JoxerTM November 10, 2011

    Any chance of seeing “Are you sure you want to refill your health” premium?
    On level 120 refill energy points premium is pretty much useless.

  3. aliebaba
    aliebaba November 10, 2011

    hehe, I didn’t like that red boxes, this is indeed a lot better :).

    but are there some game play changes already ?

  4. Takeshi
    Takeshi November 10, 2011

    You should also update the “Empty Server Response” Window, because this is always seen every day.

  5. Floryn Z
    Floryn Z November 10, 2011

    You’re so excited about a minor modification .. 😀
    A modification that won’t even interfeer with a large number of players.
    Is this what you’ve been working in the past month ? 🙂 Just asking.

  6. azerder
    azerder November 11, 2011

    Very Bad Idea :S

  7. butcher pete
    butcher pete November 11, 2011

    seriously?? all the bugs littering the game and this is what your working on, tut tut tut

  8. aliebaba
    aliebaba November 12, 2011

    azerder, why is it a verry bad idea ? I like it, it’s better than the red boxes not ?

  9. Tyrus
    Tyrus November 12, 2011

    Because this is not a priority. It’s nice, but it doesn’t add anything to the game. Quite a lot of game changes were announced, but nearly all dev’s are working no some graphic changes. People waiting for a next duelling system, fort trader, … are getting really disappointed.

  10. William Manney
    William Manney November 12, 2011

    I don’t like the design. Reuse existing elements to create the design. I am not convinced. If you have it as temporary, ok. But I’m sure you can do much better.

  11. azerder
    azerder November 12, 2011

    You can accidentally click ‘yes’ button when you do not want

  12. staniRu
    staniRu November 15, 2011

    Dear developers, please note that some people chosen as a wrong branch of the golden gun, before the quest, and now they can not get it and collect the golden set. What are they worse than others, they also bought nuggets, please give them a chance collect gold set or get a second key.
    Do not know where else to write about it and decided there.

  13. the black penny
    the black penny November 16, 2011

    a horse thats about to halt
    “whoa horsey !”

    a man with a andana around his mouth
    gimmy da money !”

    less computer lingo chat talk,,and more in game,,i agree.
    now i have to go give the dogs some water and feed my plants.

  14. Fragohol1C
    Fragohol1C November 18, 2011

    I like the new design, and the health refill premium would be awesome!

  15. the black penny
    the black penny November 18, 2011

    hold your horses.
    i meant to say bandanna.

  16. aliebaba
    aliebaba November 28, 2011

    dear dev’s
    The problem is becoming really big, you show some things on the dev’blog oh yeah, that’s fun.
    But when will it come in the game ?
    And when there are some changes it weren’t the ‘big’ changes we hope so to get.

    More and more players are stopping with the game, why ?
    There are no changes any more ho makes te game more fun.
    Yeah, a few bug fixes and a repearing of the duelling system, and graphic changes.
    But that take’s waaaaay to long, will there come soon a big change or not, because I am losing my patience….

  17. the black penny
    the black penny November 30, 2011

    yeah yeah yeah.
    i want to complain too.

    dear mr developers.
    I would like to complain about santa.
    He has been a really bad man.

    I have tried to be good all this month.
    And yet im still on top of his naughty list.

    I think santa, must have jetlag.
    After flying all over the world, talking to everybody, being at every street corner, at every super market, and giving all those gifts to everybody, at every house, in every continent.
    Im sure it must be hard….and very tough to do all in one night.
    Making all those toys for everybody, taking care of the reindeer , and having to deal with a small army of delinquent elves.

    I think santa is a bad man.
    This morning I woke up and I found some snow in my mail box.
    Its 32 degrees outside !!!
    Im wearing my underpants around my head and its not even Thursday yet.…coz its sooo hot outside.

    Well this year I have a surprise for mr santa.
    I have bricked up the fire place and have bought my self an electric heater.
    Lets see him try climb out of that 🙂

  18. magos
    magos December 3, 2011

    you should start thinking some serious changes.. i didn’t have any problem with my inventory.. that’s not what we care.. we care about duels, fortbattles, collections, achievments.. maybe you should consider some ideas in many forums.. also you should make easier drops to give a motivation to someone too continue search of new items.. and last but not least you should put instead of dods in the map.. i would like to see a small human on the map and in inventory and i don’t mean the jobs map.. and we are waiting for a NEW version which has a serious change, not inventories and staff..

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