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Upcoming Inventory Changes – The dream of a Developer

Hi guys,

i am actually working on some inventory changes as you may noticed on Beta. We have several problems with the inventory because the actual inventory system is a whole mess :'(. First of all we always request the whole inventory by every inventory request which really really sucks for both client performance and server performance. In my first changes already live on Beta i changes this and just request the inventory once if its not loaded and then just exchange the changes on the inventory insetad of loading everythin again and again. The second thing which i every dislike is the sorting. All items are sorted by itemid but if we buy something or have changes in inventory there going on some serious choking on the actual Beta version i commited its even more worse. Third problem if you craft something or reward an item it will not be added to your inventory. Its there after reloading inventory. On Beta version i already implemented some listeners to get items more “live”, so if crafting finished the item should be instantly added to your inventory if its opened.

Why all these changes or what we want to do with that? Well my dream is we just have one inventory / bagback instead of hundreds copies for every single traders. I think it will take a while to change everything but my vision is to have one inventory where we can change all things which happening during the game and we are able to make it more “live”, using less performace on server and client.

What you gain? I think we can reduce the amount of loaded items and stuff which will make the game more smooth and i also think it is much easier to handle just one inventory instead of a whole bunch.

What it could look like?

I know already you will hate the numbers for different pages, but if there are big inventories its a mess to render every item at one view for every browser and thats one reason why inventory is really slow for people who have big inventories. Please keep in mind that its a preview and the tooltip won’t be implemented like that its just a dummy. Our plan is that the inventory can be docked to traders or your equipmentwindow, but maybe it will become his own inventory place we are not sure about it now.


  1. JoxerTM
    JoxerTM October 25, 2011

    rainy why do you think we’ll hate numbers (pages)?
    I actually like it.

  2. vello100
    vello100 October 25, 2011

    For those who have large inventory, a search by name would be helpful.

    Going through the pages is really tedious.

  3. D
    D October 25, 2011

    I think that no gamer has to see at every moment while gaming his full Inventar. So maybe he can carry max. 10 – 15 Items at the same time. Something like a Chest in his town or something could help.

  4. AustriaHardCore
    AustriaHardCore October 25, 2011

    I’d like to see a new category, where you can put your own items in. You can drag the items you change often in there and so you don’t have to go though the other categories.

    Example: I often need to change my weapon and belt, so in this special category I put in the 2 weapons and 3 belts I often need, so it’s faster and easier accessible.

  5. aliebaba
    aliebaba October 25, 2011

    I like the pages, i have absolutly no problem with it, but like vello100 said, there most be a search system than 😉

  6. the black penny
    the black penny October 25, 2011

    I have been playing this game, and not once have I had the chance to strap some one to a rail road track and flatten them.
    Shame on you rainy, ..your a bad person for not allowing me to do that..shame on you.
    I want to build a gold mine, 99 levels deep and find a secret tribe of mole people, and they will make me their king.
    I want to be in a senseless, mindless bar brawl and wreck the place,, coz its so much fun.

    my internet is faster then most European internet, there is a town on the edge of some woods, that don’t have telephone lines or electricity, my internet is way faster then theirs.
    and I have noticed that it does take longer to load certain pages.
    I find that part about loading and server demand very very interesting..two thumbs up.
    Efficiency performance and more.

    Couple comments about the last update.
    Some people state that they find it harder to see and read the new mails.
    Duel times are harder to find now,, you have to scroll back a few days and open the report.
    The new “collectors set” had a few complaints…they said it was military, political, and other.
    So to make them happy, I drew Santa clause wearing some dead animals and waving a big axe,,,,
    After that they shut up,

    Reducing server burden ? great stuff.

  7. Bluep
    Bluep October 26, 2011

    … I guess I won’t like the pages… but we’ll see ^^

    Regarding performance: I think it would help a lot if you’d outsource the graphics on a pure dedicated file server – one for *all worlds*, e.g. and maybe a
    Rendering hundreds of images is no problem, even on my stone age Athlon 2000+ single core.. but whenever my browser/computer crashes and the (browser) cache gets damaged, it lasts for ages to load all graphics again for every single world – although they are duplicates in fact.
    That’s also a nasty thing on mobile devices, where the cache is strictly limited – the w1 image files get wiped, just to replace them by the identical w2 images (which have to be downloaded first..)

    Just an idea, though 😉
    Regards, Bluep

  8. aliebaba
    aliebaba October 27, 2011

    Hey dear dev’s, I can tell you all, that the new update has finally arrived on the dutch servers !
    We all like him, and I think, that it also for innogames some good stuff is. Because, the activiti has get a great jump, and I think that there will came a lot of new members ;D

  9. abedy
    abedy October 28, 2011

    aliebaba :
    I think that there will came a lot of new members ;D

    I just add one thing. Referral system is a good addition to the game, as this can bring more players to old worlds, thus more possible customers to Inno, however the way how points are counted is very bad counted. There are no points from achieving new level, so basically people who can invest into the game just find one friend who will register and somebody just buy him nuggets. This is not really creating new players in the game. Please change it or think about that. Count new level from referred players towards friendship points. This should keep newly registered players in the game. This is my point of view, if you don’t like it, then just ignore it 😉

  10. ReBow
    ReBow October 29, 2011

    I guess there is no arguing that it takes a toll on the server to load the inventory, merchant, market, stores and so on.
    I own just about every item there is, so my inventory is above average in size. Takes about 10 seconds to load on a good day.

    At first glance, this doesn’t look like Teeh Most efficient way of picking out gear. Especially products.
    But thinking about it, it won’t make that big a difference. If I could save 10 sec’s opening the inventory, and then spend those 10 sec’s browsing pages to get what I want, i don’t think ill be set back that much.

    And how often do I actually pick out single pieces of equipment? Not very often, thanks to the Equipment Manager.
    A compromise would be to let the free players have more “spots” to save gear.

    How about adding a “Search” function. Like type in the first letters of the item im looking for, and then it automatically brings forth those items.

    Like: Click “Pants”, and type “Fancy”. Then all the “Fancy” Pants, sorted by cost appears in first row.
    Or say I need to equip Aztec Gold. Click Products and type “Az..) and since thats the only product starting with “Az”, thats the only item appearing.

    Then again, that might further drain sever juice, or?
    You’ll figure it out.. 🙂 You’d never hear the end of it if you didn’t.. (No pressure or anything.. hehe..)

    A question tho. You’ve been talking about a “Inventory Limit”. Is this a different way of solving the same problem, or are you still planing inventory restrictions?

  11. cin99
    cin99 November 12, 2011

    yea… if i would have 5 pages of pants and 14 pages of profucts (i have f*cking lot reciepes XD) i don’t want to click and click again and again… i use tw pro, it has a search something, what is useful with sets, and i am not complaining.
    invertory limit is completely useless… if i need 20 wood and 15 fools gold with my all stuff, i can’t get them… cuz i am an 57 anventurer, i have a dancer set, fortbattle stuff, charlatan, indian, pilgrim female, grave robber stuff, money stuff, xp stuff, and loads of products for craft, energy from new quest… no need for limit, but a search system

  12. Spyros
    Spyros December 21, 2011

    The pages would be disturbing for the player. Create a warehouse instead and allow 30-50 max slots to the inventory. We dont need to have most of the items in our inventory, so they remain in the warehouse. Simple and very effective.

  13. HotSnow
    HotSnow December 25, 2011

    Unrelated,but i need to know.How exactly does the +1pray and +2pray work in the equipped sleep and collector set?Truthfully i don’t see report of any one done even after wearing them for a long time.Does it really work?

  14. bones959
    bones959 December 30, 2011

    Just a thought, since “reports” and “telegrams” can now be accessed from either tab, Use one of those for the trader. Or change the telegraph office in town to the trader’s shop. Either way, it would eliminate some redundancy.

  15. skitex PL
    skitex PL January 24, 2012

    This is a little worse than the previous one. But instead of proposing digits slider.
    Regards, skitex.

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