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Upcoming Changes with 1.3x or maybe 1.4? ;)

Hi all,

always when i look on the dev Blog i realize that i make to less posts 😉 But at the moment i can’t tell that much we are doing a lot of backend Stuff in 1.33 and trying to get out more server performance and we have some good results already achieved. In Frontend development there a lot of old screens transformed to the new layout some are good some are still bad and need some work, so we made a lot of rollouts on public beta and had a lot of bugs then we did a lot of bug fixing, rollout etc. But after that more maintain version 1.33 we want to implement some more cool stuff 😀

Stuff like the new Town overview and Building placement. I think zet posted some ideas long time ago and finally we have a concept but its not finalized yet so i can’t tell you that much. But you will be able to build your “own” town which means different graphic sets, you can place your buildings on other locations, you are able place stuff like trees, seas and some new things you will need some material for it. The other new thing to the town is our plan is that buildings can get damaged over time and you have to repair it or you will loose a whole building 🙂 I have also one screenshot for you guys (notice this is an really early screenshot and it is not completly :D)

Second upcoming change will be to improve the market i know a lot of ppl ask for it days? months? years? I don’t know but the good news are we will do something 😀 We have a really great list of improvements which are requested by the players and we hope we can improve the market so that everyone will like it 🙂 (In the next days i will write more about it, this is my hint to not forget about it)


  1. Spikeyklijs
    Spikeyklijs September 27, 2011


    This will chance the game huge!!

  2. aliebaba
    aliebaba September 27, 2011

    Rainy, it looks pretty cool (for me :P).
    and the new interface also, but for the dev blog, it is easy, that you (the dev’s) are working for the game is always better than you are posting and talking on this blog ofcourse !

    But, maybe on a friday post what you have done over the week is a solution ?

  3. vello100
    vello100 September 27, 2011

    Cool. I can’t wait to try it myself.

    When we could see the upgrade? This year, next year?

  4. Plag
    Plag September 27, 2011

    What a great new !
    Are the informations delivered here ( still relevant ?
    Any clue on the character posted on the main avenue ? Sorry for my curiosity.


  5. KerneL
    KerneL September 27, 2011

    Do you make SIMS?
    Unbeliveable.Looks like i have to quit west 🙁

  6. Moon Boy
    Moon Boy September 28, 2011

    Indeed, it really looks very great!
    But this is not The-west we know

  7. Ashock
    Ashock September 29, 2011

    Remember this is the town overview! It kinda felt weird that all towns look the same. With the new system the town can be customized freely.
    A little comment on “this isn’t the west as we know it”: Those are the exact same graphics as they are currently used in the static town view. It is just another perspective.
    And don’t get confused with the little guy standing in the center of the map. You still just click on the buildings to enter it. The figure will not be in the released version.

    We plan to finish and release this feature before the end of the year.

  8. Crazy Max
    Crazy Max September 29, 2011

    Please think in the Indians and Mexicans

  9. JoxerTM
    JoxerTM September 30, 2011

    Ashock, but that little guy looks fancy, so instead of removing it you should perhaps add him some function. For example moving daily quests to him instead of the one (camping) map location.

  10. the black penny
    the black penny October 1, 2011

    if my swimming pool was as blue as that river on your screen shot, I would be swimming in it.
    Even the pool man refuses to come round and sort out all the things growing in it, swimming it, and things dragging you onto it.
    More swamp weeds, lily’s , roughage really.

    The gardener does not come round after I planted my chickens and shaved the goat.
    The town kinda has some sort of dense woods growing on the one side and the evil villagers have chopped down every single other tree in the area ..parking maybe???
    Some odd shrubs or cactus please.

    Enough about the design and graphics,,, I think in over all its fantastic, sure it needs some last min finishing touches …but you guys still busy with it…and its not complete.

    Please think ahead, I can see a million and one things that can be adapted to the town, a million and one things that can be implemented, and done.
    ..its a town…so please leave room for future programming, you could build onto this thing for ever if you wanted to..gravel type, paint, even a circus or festival.

    Please take note, that as the game has grown,
    I have noticed it eats up a lot more internet space and speeds,
    (if you live in a country where internet is limited,,,you tend to notice)
    Its play ability, fun, joy and more,,,not graphic intensity or program power.

    Zet said, that because your new, that you would have to pay me a million US dollars.
    Don’t worry,, your doing great, keep up the great work.

  11. classius
    classius October 2, 2011

    The adventurer fort bonus, in my view, becomes crappier every day.
    It practically helps you with nothing.
    And if you are an adventurer, good luck trying to get a chest…
    Duelists will beat you on damage.
    Soldiers will beat you on dodges.
    Workers will beat you on both.
    It would be better if the adventurer bonus would count for dodged shots, instead of just losing them…or even worst… sending them to a player who has 100HP life left

  12. JoxerTM
    JoxerTM October 3, 2011

    classius seems that this update won’t be used to balance classes, but please visit forums where I’ve posted a few times why the adventurer class is utterly useless not just in forts but in everything.
    the only way to prove devs that adventurer class is worthless is not to play it on new worlds. but the problem is – newcommers take that class just because of it’s name, not knowing that instead of adventuring, they’ll be turned into masochists.

  13. classius
    classius October 4, 2011

    I just thought of saying something about the adventurer class… because of some very annoying situations at fort battles… but no one will bother to solve the adventurer problem…

  14. laccy
    laccy October 4, 2011

    same as the new clothes: yes, the basic ideea is good, the game needs graphics without clutter, that would look awesome on external sites and shared reports but

    why the new images contain less detail?
    this looks like a picture from a facebook game or cartoon

    westen means warm colors, orange lighting, dark desaturated elements, vintage and/or grunge style

    1 street and buildings on the sides, more decoration elements and functions for buildings

    and maybe game map updates

    we are working on a new ideea (strategic elements, territories and factions)
    i made a simple picture with a modified game editor:

    pretty basic yet and i dont have the original 3d models but i think it looks better with desert around

  15. hakos007
    hakos007 October 8, 2011

    Make new Halloween quest please! All of my friends want a new one! 🙂

  16. TimMcDight
    TimMcDight October 12, 2011

    I am from Sweden.
    Have an idea about game development. When you are going to take a Ghost Town as your own property you can see a picture telling it is abandoned and deserted. You need to put a little work in to action to get it.
    My idea is to do some further work before you can start using the town as there is needed some cleaning and repairs in the town. Broken Barrells needs repairs, Tools laying arround to pick and put into the Tool-Shed, Window Repairs, the Saloon Door is broken and so on.
    I did not find any place to put this idea on The West Device Blog USA, but I hope it is okay.

  17. JoxerTM
    JoxerTM October 12, 2011

    Please do something in the future about cases like this.
    A player frustrated with lack of sexlife is ruining our fort fights, digs fakes and doesn’t show up at all:

  18. TimMcDight
    TimMcDight October 14, 2011


    Are you sure the player knows what to do to setup the Fort Fight? it is one thing to be a part of the list and another thing to acctually be there with the fight

  19. CALLlKA
    CALLlKA October 14, 2011

    Good day!
    When there will be recipes for 500 + points? (Excluding the cook)
    is there a number of ingredients?

  20. JoxerTM
    JoxerTM October 14, 2011

    Tim yes I’m sure. The town name is unhinged as you can see on the pic, also you can check that town’s frequency of doing fort battles on (remember it’s

  21. Gerwain
    Gerwain October 14, 2011

    And will this new town layout make the game work even slower than before? It is slow enough even now, never mind the browser and PC, I have tried several.

  22. Paulo
    Paulo October 15, 2011

    “… other new thing to the town is our plan is that buildings can get damaged over time and you have to repair it or you will loose a whole building”

    Oh, no! I didn´t liked this idea… all workers already changed their builds to other things, please, don´t do it… make new quests, clothes, adventures, etc., etc., it´s worth than it.

  23. TimMcDight
    TimMcDight October 16, 2011

    Oki Doki ! JoxerTM

  24. laccy
    laccy October 17, 2011

    hey, this image and the one in hungarian facebook page is made with a photoshop action called map generator

    so actually its a plan or just a preview?

  25. Cherie
    Cherie October 18, 2011

    @laccy re: where I am from — Texas — it is desert-dry in some parts, but some plants still grow green — Cedar trees, cactus, mesquite trees, etc. not lots and lots of green, but in patches here and there…. Even in the desert there is some green plantlife due to drought tolerant plants.

    My point: no total desert —–please!!

    And on one-street towns: there has never been a one street town. Very very Small towns may have had one Main Street with businesses on that one street, but there were people who lived off of that street and worked off of it as well….I can cite you examples if you wish..

    I am from the ultimate Wild West Town turned nightmare to navigate by car — San Antonio, TX (home of the Alamo). Our streets are old cattle and wagon trails, not pre-thought out linear grid lines!! (You may get lost just thinking about it).

  26. aliebaba
    aliebaba October 22, 2011

    dev’s what’s the problem for update 1.33 because we are waiting for a while now :p

  27. KingKong
    KingKong October 23, 2011

    I think you want write some new information in the next days, but you didnt write it for some weeks 😉

  28. *general*
    *general* October 24, 2011

    You wrote that in the next days you would comment on the market changes..
    those couple of days have already passed 🙂 common I want to see more news

  29. moxfulder69
    moxfulder69 October 30, 2011

    “The other new thing to the town is our plan is that buildings can get damaged over time and you have to repair it or you will loose a whole building ”

    OH YESSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!! It’s an idea I have since a long time (but I never suggested it :-().
    It’s real that workers changed their built but in old worlds, it’s not interesting now to start as a worker. And if some new stuff is introduce like forts in the past, there won’t be workers to construct. So it’s necessary to give them some work.
    Soldiers have fort battles, adventurers have quests and duelers have… duels ! But when towns and forts are finished, what else ?
    It should be good to add these damages to forts, specially after battles.

  30. Jepa Jeps
    Jepa Jeps November 12, 2011

    We need more (buildable) levels for shops and less crap to slow (shut) down our browsers!

    It´s cool and it´s neat, but…
    When I still was in fb, I played those restaurant & other s#itty games and picture above (although it early) is bringing those games back to my mind.. hrr…

    That´s my thought. Your´s as good / fool as mine 😉

  31. Megtamadott
    Megtamadott November 27, 2011

    Looks great – but the water color could be more…uhm, realistic…

  32. Thanatos
    Thanatos January 30, 2012

    This idea still has a chance to be implemented?

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