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Working on some GUI

First: Yep, I am leaving the The West team soon and made mostly clean up and minor improvement works in the past month. For example, the reload and minimize buttons for the new window gui is working now properly, I added a combobox GUI element and I’ve added some other minor stuff.

I am not so happy to leave the team now as there are still features that should be added and updated, like a new duel system, the character migration, and a new multiplayer event thing similar to fort battles and I would have really liked to do that myself. But after 2 1/2 years in the team, a project switch could do me good and gives others to step up.

So long then, I am looking forward for new updates in the game, I am sure there’s much to come in the future!

— Zet


  1. aliebaba
    aliebaba September 1, 2011

    zet, first of all, we gone miss you, I hope that you can give you’re experience to the other developer’s. But really thank you for all what you have done for the game!

    and o, one question, what game or stuff gone you do for innogames now ? 😀

  2. William Manney
    William Manney September 2, 2011

    I’ll miss you, zet.

    Always demonstrate your interest in the community of the West. Good luck in all your projects guy.

  3. zet
    zet September 2, 2011

    @aliebaba The project I am working on is not to be announced yet, so I may not write what I am working on. Sort of a new hidden quest that I am not allowed to talk about so to say ;).

  4. aliebaba
    aliebaba September 2, 2011

    hmm, I hope that I soon can hear it ? 😀

  5. Fragohol1C
    Fragohol1C September 2, 2011

    We gonna miss you Zet!

  6. mennik
    mennik September 2, 2011

    where is hacker? :p

  7. Joao611
    Joao611 September 3, 2011

    Zet and hacker, why ur names simply fanished from the leaderboard since some months ago? oO

  8. Bisser
    Bisser September 3, 2011

    All the best to you, Zet!

  9. JoxerTM
    JoxerTM September 5, 2011

    Zet I can say only thanks for everything.
    A project not to be announced yet… I sure hope it’s The West 2.0. If not, then I hope for another fancy browser RPG. 😉

  10. Estraven
    Estraven September 6, 2011

    Thanks for all. You have made a great game. See you again 😉

  11. PavlikVRN
    PavlikVRN September 7, 2011

    Good luck, zet! Thank you for all.

  12. xickoh / francish
    xickoh / francish September 7, 2011

    Hey zet, does your “new hidden quest” name is Lagoona? 😀

    Anyway, thanks for your big/amazing work in The-West

  13. Crazy Max
    Crazy Max September 7, 2011

    Hello zed

    I a pity you leave the team, some great news in the next updates.

    I have some questions

    ¿Migration character is for change the character class or for move the character to other worlds?

    ¿Can you say something about the new multiplayer event?¿Is war of the worlds?

  14. the black penny
    the black penny September 8, 2011

    zet has found a giant hot dog and isnt sharing with any of us????
    that he has been abducted my Martians and is now making a secret base on the moon,??

    how do we get to this base, and how do we attack it…we must know the answers.
    back to the bar brawl.

    good luck on you zet, you did an extreme amount of work here for everybody, you literally reshaped the map, carved out the landscape,,and did a million and one things to give others to do things,,such as more options and possibilities.

    thanx again

  15. aliebaba
    aliebaba September 20, 2011


  16. JoxerTM
    JoxerTM September 20, 2011

    there isn’t. Oktoberfest is going on, so… wait a bit, willya? 😉

  17. aliebaba
    aliebaba September 21, 2011

    hehe, the dev’s are only on vacation and partying, but devolopping ? 😛

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