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Hi all,

i am very sorry for the lack of news lately. It was vacation time πŸ˜‰ In future i will try to post more often and keep you more informed. My first announcement for today isn’t the best thing for The-West: zet will leave our Team on the 1st of September, he will still work for our company, but on a different game. In order to keep the game alive 2 new guys joined our team. Marcel, our new Frontend Developer and Hilko started his study at our company, he will support us in Backend-Development after some time of adjustment to his new job.

In the future we plan to make The-West more stable and optimized. Because of Zet leaving us we’re losing a lot of experience and because of that we can’t implement that many features for now. But i think it’s not a problem because we know we have still lots of bugs and unbalanced things in the game. We will take the time and try to get the game more user friendly, stable and optimized πŸ™‚

There is one new feature planned for the next update i would like to show and introduce: The Friendlist

With the friendlist you are going to be able to invite friends to The-West or add friends who are already playing on your world to your friendlist. In the Friendlist you can see some details about your friends like online status, level, town, class. There will be also a lot more achievements regarding this feature.


  1. Pedro Ramirez
    Pedro Ramirez August 29, 2011

    Zet is leaving The West? Too bad … πŸ™

    That friend-list is a good addition. After all, currently you have to check the chat and send PMs and more PMs to check whether someone is online.
    And finally – the minimize and reload-buttons are back πŸ˜‰

  2. classius
    classius August 29, 2011

    So…. When are we to expect 1.33 on Beta?

  3. aliebaba
    aliebaba August 29, 2011

    finly :d, some news :).

    that zet is gone, is really not fun :o, but, I think that you (and the other dev’s) could take the same experience as him and even a little bit more :).

  4. William Manney
    William Manney August 30, 2011

    The news is new to this blog, but this was already published in the newspaper InnoGames internal.

    Thanks for getting back to show signs of life. I hope at least one article a week to stay informed of everything that happens in the development of our beloved game.

  5. ketjatekos
    ketjatekos August 31, 2011

    Finally hide and refresh window button in new stile windows πŸ˜€

    Hope the online status will not be premium only feature…
    And thank for the news, hope there will be some more new feature’s in 1.33

  6. Crazy Max
    Crazy Max September 1, 2011

    Hello Zed,

    Indians players ask for mohican haircut and more tribal paints, I also ask for a Top hat



  7. classius
    classius September 1, 2011

    @Crazy Max

    Zet’s not here anymore.

  8. Crazy Max
    Crazy Max September 1, 2011

    Ok, thanks Classius

    The message is for you then. Please think on it.

  9. mennik
    mennik September 2, 2011

    I placed a bounty on zet’s head for desertion

    btw I like the friendlist idea is are the circles their online status?

  10. Ashock
    Ashock September 5, 2011

    Yes the circles show the online status.

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