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August 29th, 2011 11 comments

Hi all,

i am very sorry for the lack of news lately. It was vacation time 😉 In future i will try to post more often and keep you more informed. My first announcement for today isn’t the best thing for The-West: zet will leave our Team on the 1st of September, he will still work for our company, but on a different game. In order to keep the game alive 2 new guys joined our team. Marcel, our new Frontend Developer and Hilko started his study at our company, he will support us in Backend-Development after some time of adjustment to his new job.

In the future we plan to make The-West more stable and optimized. Because of Zet leaving us we’re losing a lot of experience and because of that we can’t implement that many features for now. But i think it’s not a problem because we know we have still lots of bugs and unbalanced things in the game. We will take the time and try to get the game more user friendly, stable and optimized 🙂

There is one new feature planned for the next update i would like to show and introduce: The Friendlist

With the friendlist you are going to be able to invite friends to The-West or add friends who are already playing on your world to your friendlist. In the Friendlist you can see some details about your friends like online status, level, town, class. There will be also a lot more achievements regarding this feature.

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