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2.03: TheWestApi change

January 25th, 2013 2 comments

Recently there is a small addition on our TheWestAPI which can be used by scripters.
The belonging The West API page on this blog will be updated soon.

Our TheWestApi.register method now returns a GameScript object.

It contains most of the functionality as the TheWestApi.
Due to backward-compatibility the usual methods are still there, but are marked as deprecated and will be removed in the future versions.

When at least one script is registered to our Api a new interface element shows up.

It opens a new window where all registered scripts are located.
The content of the tab is left to the scripter itself.

It is quite simple to use. Just take a look at this javascript code-snippet:

var MyScript = TheWestApi.register(‘myscript’, ‘My Script’, ‘2.03’, ‘2.03’, ‘Myname’, ‘’);

MyScript.setGui(“<b>THIS</b> is my personal tab for my script.”);


Let us know when you want to have additional features implemented to the GameScript.

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Link all the Items!

September 28th, 2012 12 comments



At the end I was able to implement a quite small but cool feature which we wanted to have since ages: Link Items.
It was almost painful to show up a friend the just acquired recipe he may need or just share the epic item you’ve found during a job.

With 2.0 this problem is gone.
On the picture to the right you can see how it actually works. The syntax is really easy and it will be translated after you’ve sent it.

Of course we are aware that it wouldn’t make things easier when you first have to figure out which id your desired item have.
So here we’ve got another small feature: Focus a text field where you want to share it and then Shift+Click on the specific Item you want to share (it doesn’t matter where the item is shown). After that the quickcode is shown on the text field.

From the picture it seems like this feature is just limited to the Chat, but here I can ease you.
Sharing items is available everywhere you can write (e.g: Profile, Town profile, Fort profile).
Sadly there is one problem: Town Forum. Due to technical behaviours you are not able to directly link the item into the textfield. But here you can just copy the quickcode
to it and it works as intended, but there is one exception, because linking items is a game feature they will not be displayed when the town forum is opened externally.

Another solution which i’m currently working on is just enclose the item name into the quickcode.



Also our new emoticons (smilies) are available everywhere, too. Now we are able to have a more emotional Western experience. Furthermore we are going to implement a smiley bbcode which will show up the available emoticons.

Of course we havn’t removed the good old chicken which will stay as a little remembrance to our beloved devzet.




One more small feature is upcoming. On the job page you will be able to click on the skill which is opening the inventory and instantly displaying the items containing the required skill.






Last but not least we removed the maximum size of the chat. This will give you the ability to expand the chat below the game interface. Also we are going to do some improvements to the positioning behaviour when saving and opening on different screen sizes.

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The West wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

December 23rd, 2011 15 comments

… is it already that time again?

Time flies and from nowhere the western citizens evolved an individual Appearance and increased their social skills and learned the meaning of a word: Friends.

Strangers became Bandits and were feared, some of them have Titles.

Also they discovered their preference to collect stuff and were happy to have some Achievements in their lives.

To manage hard times and have some fun a game named Poker has been invented, since then it also costs a few lives because cheating is not appreciated.

A bean that accidently felt into the soup pot, which tastes good, aroused the idea of starting cooking,
besides that citizens found out that riding a horse with blankets is not that hurtful.
Blacksmith’s developed new recipes for forging new weapons.
Crafting experimental items from miscellaneous objects were also a favorite pastime.

Last winter was cold and the citizens thought it can’t be that they are freezeing that much on the lower body, so the Pants have been invented.

Most of the Buildings started to ruinous and a Redesign was important for continued existence.


That and a few more things happened in the World of The West this year.
We hope you had as much fun this year in the game as we had in developing it.
We all want to thank the players which contributed to improve the game and helped us to spot bugs.

So for now we all let everything cooldown and refresh our energy for the next year to have a graceful start with the next version.


The West-Team whishes you Merry Christmas, tons of gifts and a Happy New Year.


(Dear Trolls out there… be aware of the punish-rod.)

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Get nice looking errors.

November 9th, 2011 18 comments

We made changes to the layout of one of our basic component which you meet everyday (maybe unconscious).
Times are over that you get that angry red box which is trying to tell that you or we made a mistake!

I proudly present our new MessageDialog:

Isn’t it great?
Besides you can now prevent the message (the upper box in the picture) from fading when you move the mouse over it, just to read the text in there slowly, after you’re finished click on it
to close it, of course the box is resuming fading when you moved the mouse away from it.

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Behind the Curtain – Quest Editor

May 3rd, 2011 17 comments

Good Morning!

I’ve noticed in various posts which describe that players aren’t excited about the amount of containing features within next release.
That’s because we do not only implementing features for the game and i show you what is  my current main focus:

The Quest Editor is one of many tools that we are owning now for improving or adding content to the game.
Currently it is hard for our Designer to implement them so we need an editor which gives them a good overview about the current quest
dependencies and requirements and it shall reduce error’s, too.
In the future we want to add several new quests and this tool allows us to let people work with which aren’t programmers.

I’ll drop an screenshot of it here:

The Editor is written in Java and it also required refactoring the backend of the quests, to avoid duplicates when more than one is using it.
On the left you’ll see several quest groups and quests for a quick overview/access and on the center you see a graph which displays the association between the quests. At least there are the quest properties on the right side to modify it.

So you’ll see that we have a lot of things to do and its quite not easy to manage them at all.
Of course we have a lot of ideas and want to introduce them or improving existing features, but often we have to maintain the backend
so that we are able to provide capacity to implement them.

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