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2.03 Sneak Peek: Fetch All The Markers

December 13th, 2012 6 comments

In the last weeks we’ve mostly been working on fixing bugs and preparing events I’m not allowed to talk about (thus no blog posts, I’m afraid). Recently I’ve been working on a couple of minor features the community has been requesting for ages though. Unfortunately, those additions will be in 2.03 which won’t be released in 2012 anymore.

Gotta Fetch’em All!

With the upcoming 2.03 release you’ll be able to collect all of your finished or expired bids and offers from the market you’re currently at. No premium required. Money will be transferred to your character (not bank), items will be added to your inventory. Forget the times where you needed to collect 20+ items manually, just click this little icon:

(Disclaimer: icon might change until release)

Put A Needle On It!

Did you ever wanted to share a nice spot on the map with your fellow players? Or save a location on the map because you wanted to visit it later again? Guess what, your wishes have been heard!

In 2.03 , there’s the possibility to add up to (currently) 10 markers on the map which can be shared with other players in chats, town forums and telegrams. A short headline has to be added to each marker to describe the spot and to distinguish different markers from each other. Additionally, those markers are shown on the minimap and from there, you can also directly jump to a marker’s position.

As I’m writing this our artist is still working on the graphics for the markers, so I randomly choosed some icons. Their won’t be any blue questionmarks on the map, promise :-).

We also have been working on the “midnight issue”. Every midnight, when we’re handing out bonds, players cannot log in for a couple of minutes (depending on the amount of players playing on the world).

That is annoying and we slightly changed the handout process to reduce the block-time per player significantly. It’s still in testing though.

That’s it for this 2.03 sneak peek, enjoy your holidays and a happy new year!

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