August 29th, 2011 11 comments

Hi all,

i am very sorry for the lack of news lately. It was vacation time 😉 In future i will try to post more often and keep you more informed. My first announcement for today isn’t the best thing for The-West: zet will leave our Team on the 1st of September, he will still work for our company, but on a different game. In order to keep the game alive 2 new guys joined our team. Marcel, our new Frontend Developer and Hilko started his study at our company, he will support us in Backend-Development after some time of adjustment to his new job.

In the future we plan to make The-West more stable and optimized. Because of Zet leaving us we’re losing a lot of experience and because of that we can’t implement that many features for now. But i think it’s not a problem because we know we have still lots of bugs and unbalanced things in the game. We will take the time and try to get the game more user friendly, stable and optimized 🙂

There is one new feature planned for the next update i would like to show and introduce: The Friendlist

With the friendlist you are going to be able to invite friends to The-West or add friends who are already playing on your world to your friendlist. In the Friendlist you can see some details about your friends like online status, level, town, class. There will be also a lot more achievements regarding this feature.

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1.32 will be released on Beta soon

July 5th, 2011 58 comments

Hi there,

sorry for our long absence, but we have changed some internal processes. For everyone who cares about we changed our development process to scrum. Our 1st sprint is done and we are in the middle of our 2nd sprint and of course we have already some results we want to introduce.

1st we finished the screendesign and technical part of the new achievement system

2nd we are still busy with redesign old screens and fit them to the new layout

And last but not least the avatargenerator is nearly done

Our plan is to update the public beta this week there will be a lot more features, bug fixes and content. Looking forward to your comments 🙂

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Some game design changes Crafting

May 17th, 2011 56 comments

After releasing the patch 1.31 on german markets we figured out that we have to make some changes to the crafting system.

1. The cooldown of all useable products will be reduced to 10 minutes (written before)

2. We will reduce the difficult of the starting recipes that means you will need less products to craft the start items until a skill value of 100

3. We want to add some more start recipes which will build an own chain for example: You do a job to get leather after you found one leather you will be able to craft it to “better” leather. This “better” leather can be used to create “much better” leather with “much better” leather you will be able to create an item to use. As you can see with that chain you will be able to find just one leather and craft 4 times. (These chains are planned for every profession until a skill value of 25 or something like that).

Changes in crafting frontend:

I have made some changes to crafting frontend. First i converted it to the new screen layout. Second you will have a better overview about what products you need and which you already have.

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I see faces!

May 13th, 2011 24 comments

Here’s an example for 60 different avatars that’ll be available when changing to the new system (click on the picture for a larger version).

There are of course many more combinations (there are over 70.000 combinations possible already and there’ll be even more!) available, so there’ll be plenty of possibilities to customize your character the way you want.


And btw: Cooldown times for reusable items are going to be set to 10 minutes – not the 2 hours we’ve started with.

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Starting working on 1.32

May 12th, 2011 20 comments

After successful release of the patch 1.31 on some german worlds we started to work with 1.32 (of course we also doing bug fixes in 1.31 ;)). With 1.32 we want to convert as many screens as possible to the new screen layout and window manager, some of them will just converted others will be completely reworked in order of that i have two screenshots for you. 

For your information about the updates we started to translate 1.31 for all languages. We will finish the updates on german worlds this week. After that we will update other markets when their translations done.

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Changes to crafting

May 6th, 2011 26 comments

We read a lot of feedback on the beta and decide to change up some things:

1. We will decrease the energy cost of crafting to 0. You will be able to craft without bringing energy for it.

2. Decreasing crafting time from 10minutes to 5minutes. After that change it will just take 5minutes to craft one item.

3. We will introduce some more starting recipes with much lower effort. With this change you will be able to craft easily with very low products and get some profession points.

We will deploy this changes today afternoon on the beta world 1. The new Poker front end will be also included in this version.


Another information for you guys

We are planning to create an international market. On these servers you will be able to play with others around the world. Every player will be able to set up his “home” language for the game. In chat / forums etc. should be english the spoken language. Another special Feature of this international world will be a premium world. That means you have to pay a small amount of nuggets to join this world for a month or 2 weeks (not clearly yet) and all other premium features will be disabled. In addition the world will be defined as a speed world (faster working, walking, sleeping etc.)

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Behind the Curtain – Quest Editor

May 3rd, 2011 17 comments

Good Morning!

I’ve noticed in various posts which describe that players aren’t excited about the amount of containing features within next release.
That’s because we do not only implementing features for the game and i show you what is  my current main focus:

The Quest Editor is one of many tools that we are owning now for improving or adding content to the game.
Currently it is hard for our Designer to implement them so we need an editor which gives them a good overview about the current quest
dependencies and requirements and it shall reduce error’s, too.
In the future we want to add several new quests and this tool allows us to let people work with which aren’t programmers.

I’ll drop an screenshot of it here:

The Editor is written in Java and it also required refactoring the backend of the quests, to avoid duplicates when more than one is using it.
On the left you’ll see several quest groups and quests for a quick overview/access and on the center you see a graph which displays the association between the quests. At least there are the quest properties on the right side to modify it.

So you’ll see that we have a lot of things to do and its quite not easy to manage them at all.
Of course we have a lot of ideas and want to introduce them or improving existing features, but often we have to maintain the backend
so that we are able to provide capacity to implement them.

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Upcoming changes – Release notes 1.31

April 27th, 2011 39 comments

Crafting the Poker with Tutorial!

New Features

– New tutorial and introduction questline

– Poker: You will be able to play poker with other players

– Crafting: Your Character will now be able at level 20 to choose a profession and craft items

– Buffs: You can buff your character now there are 3 different kinds of buff categories (items, travel, character)

– Equip-Manager!- Send money via bank transfer (activated per version)

– Bonus-Codes: A new system to get bonus items via codes

– Item comparison inventory screen

– Facebook integration

– Random product job drops


– Many issues with internet explorer fixed

– Issues with renaming towns and browser cache

– Adventurer product bonus was not shown correctly on jobs

– Building point calculation error with Pilgrim set- Text errors

– Jobs at edge of map removed

– Mini map hiding of ghost towns

– Town forum survey fix

– Skill description bug

– Image errors

– Market exploit

– Item popups

– Re-attacking players when signed into a fort battle

– Duel bugs

– Job window not fully visible

– Duel search -> empty server response

– Alliance rights fixes

– Quest giver over town

– Telgram jumps to page 1 when archiving

– Market/ghost town problem

– Several admin-tool fixes

– Other smaller bugfixes


– haze.png removed

– Maximum level is selected per default when sleeping in own hotel

– “show on map” button in town overview

– bb code for alliances

– Changes to chest drop rate at fort battle

– Quests, items, holiday specials

– Players can sign in to fort battles of allied forts from afar

– Duel and fort battle reports show more detailed information

-Golden gun will not stack anymore in fort battles


Currently planned for 1.32

– new Duel system

– new Achievement system

– Fort shop

– Rebalancing jobs / items

– Many Achievements

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Avatar generator

April 19th, 2011 24 comments

One of our artists is working on an avatar generator for west. The idea is, that we drop the old avatar system and allow you to design your own character. You can decide what kind of nose, eyes, beards, mouth or hairs he or she should have. The number of possible variations is already quite large, even though we only have a “small” set of test images. A native american face as well as a colored skin is planned as well.

There are a number of advantages to the old system:

  • more individuality: The chance of identical “twins” in the game is much smaller than now
  • different backgrounds, possibility to reflecting your current location or current work
  • simplified process of creating quest giver avatars (currently, it’s way too much work)
  • possibility to display current character’s health – bruises and bandages after knock outs or fort battles (only in case of gained duel protection)
    • Adding the character avatar to the town page will instantly visualize the effect of a concerted duel attack on that town
  • possibility to allow you to earn new stuff to your avatar through quests – like “finish the quest and add this earring to your avatar”

We’re of course still in the process of evaluating this all and it might still change by quite some means.

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How about crafting buffs

April 15th, 2011 21 comments

Hi there,

i am proud to announce that i finished the frontend buff implementation in relationship to crafting. Keep in mind there are no final graphics yet and they will completly reworked.

We make a good developing progress and we think we can release the next patch soon. So look forward to crafting, poker, buffs, new tutorial and many bug fixes (and of course new bugs ;))

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