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Chat rework efforts

December 23rd, 2010 10 comments

Big worlds are still without a working chat (naming here de12 and de11). This is anything but nice but I am working on that issue for quite some time now. There’s progress – beta players might have noticed the numerous chat server restarts and … err … crashes. There’s a big change going on under the hood of the chat / fort battle server to prepare it for large worlds. Considered the drastic changes, it runs quite stable (just like 1-2 crashes in 2-3 hours and a few more when debugging). Some runs lasted a bit longer (10 hours). I can’t really say when it’s working well enough to be run on public worlds (one early version was tested on de 12 and it was working in principle. There was just the flaw that it had a problem with fort battles … not good). So I believe to be on the right track and once it’s stable, we can roll it out. The improvements should have also the effect that county chat should work on larger worlds as well (this is not a goal, it’s a side effect) because it had not worked for similar reasons. There was also one improvement that should let it consume less memory, something that should also pay off a bit on production servers. And here’s a boring graphic about how it’s behaving right now:

What you see is the number of players logged in (blue / white), the maximum allowed memory usage (yellow)  and the currently consumed memory (red). There are only 300 logged in players right now, as it’s 3 am already :P. And it’s been running now for about 30 minutes. I am curios how it’ll look tomorrow morning. If it hasn’t crashed. But I better go to bed now.

Oh, and I still need xmas presents :(.

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