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1.30 update on German Worlds

December 19th, 2010 12 comments

The 1.30 update is on German worlds. It’s been quite some work to get it there. First we had an inefficient SQL-query that blocked the update process on the first world we updated – it took about 6 hours until the server was back online. We cancelled the script in between and had a database that was in a pretty wacky state. We still managed to drag it over to 1.30 so it’s running fine now. The only problems we currently have are the two biggest worlds. The chat is not working properly when the server is on heavy load and that is pretty annoying.  I worked quite a lot this weekend to find solutions, but it’s anything but simple. The problem is too technical to be explained easily, but altogether, it’s a architectural misconception footing on my first concepts when laying out the software. We try to figure out ways to counter this, but in general, it’s pretty complicated to get out of that now. For smaller worlds (<2k online users) it’s not really a problem, but above the 2k limit, the air gets thin. So I am working now on that – that’s why beta chat is wonky today.

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