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Bugvent, Bugvent!

December 1st, 2010 4 comments

Ok, there were more bugs than anticipated…

  1. Maria (Maya in some languages) used UTC to check your naughtyness. This doesn’t coincide (most often) with the game time, so you couldn’t open doors at 0:01 am but had to wait.
  2. The liquorice has right now problems to replenish the motivation for fort and cityhall works (it complains about something with “jobid 1000”)
  3. There are MORE items. But due to a sign error, only two type of items got distributed.
  4. The .net version shows “you get…. h”. This is wrong. There should be some text instead… no idea yet what is wrong about that.

Mostly, this is what happened so far… we’ll roll out updates at some point today. 1-3 are already ready, about 4: No idea.

Meanwhile, …

… there are new items for 1.30 in the works …

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