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Wohoo, artwork

December 10th, 2010 21 comments

You probably don’t know, but I also like doing artwork from time to time. And I don’t mean “The Sword of the Thousands Truths”. I mean stuff like the one above. Usually I only code, but since we are running really out of time and we lack a lot of pictures for products and jobs, I asked if I should help our artists (who have piles of work to do…) if I could help. So I picked a few things and started doing it. Nearly done with my batch now – it’s really a bit refreshing to do something that is not related to coding…

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Good bye, Anthraxx

December 10th, 2010 7 comments

It’s been a nice time having you around. You have outlaid the very foundations of the code long time ago – so you’re presence will accompany us for a long time (probably forever ;)). You have now decided to move on and so I wish you good luck and I hope to hear from you! So farewell and a merry christmas!


Note to the suspicious reader: No, we have not been downsized – a new developer joined us long time ago. In fact, Anthraxx has not been working in the team since June. It just happened that he decided to move on and left the company. I hope he still enjoys his vacation though! 😉

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