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Crafting screendesign

March 22nd, 2011 62 comments

First of all i have to say we will release crafting on public beta tomorrow. Today i will give you some preview of our screendesign.

Here you see the choose profession screen:

And this one is for craft items:

Further upcoming changes/ideas we want to implement a kind of backpack limit i know most of you will hate it, but we want and need some more limitation. This has technical reasons because of the amount of items per player to store them in database and this has game design reasons we want more interaction between all players. I have to say that we are in an early state of ideas about that, but we know that many peoples are collectors. We plan to introduce some kind of collections so if you found any item it will be saved as found and you can sell this item. If you found every item of a kind for example all woolly hats you will receive an achievement for it and maybe some kind of bonus. I personally hope that this is a good solution for everyone but i need your feedback so we can discuss on this 🙂

In addition we plan to give every player something like a warehouse / store room additional to your normal inventory to store some more items maybe you will be able to extend this with money or premium but this are only ideas at moment so don’t blame me 😉 Just give me some feedback. We know that many players will complain about that change but we have to find a good solution for everyone.

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Crafting technical implementation finished

March 10th, 2011 42 comments

Hi there,

i am glad to announce that i finished the technical part of crafting. So what is left we still need some screendesign work and the whole content (recipes,item,etc.), but we will create some dummy recipes and graphics. After that we will shortly release it to beta servers to test it and get your opinions. Some information about crafting you are able to have crafting crit proccs which allows you to create 2 items instead of one. The recipes have three different colors for their difficult at the moment there are grey recipes for no difficult (you will never get a skill point), green recipes for an easy difficult your chance to get a skillpoint is very low and we have the orange recipes which are the most difficult recipes here you will have a good chance to earn a skillpoint. Another further feature is facebook connect (already activated on beta) you will be able to publish your crafting reports over facebook. And last but not least there will be a few more statistics for crafting.

Example of crafting report (sorry for german one :))

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New design previews

March 7th, 2011 17 comments

After a short while of silence we are back with some new previews for upcoming layout changes. So please take a look at our progress. It would give us great pleasure if you will leave some comments 🙂

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