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Upcoming changes – Release notes 1.31

April 27th, 2011 39 comments

Crafting the Poker with Tutorial!

New Features

– New tutorial and introduction questline

– Poker: You will be able to play poker with other players

– Crafting: Your Character will now be able at level 20 to choose a profession and craft items

– Buffs: You can buff your character now there are 3 different kinds of buff categories (items, travel, character)

– Equip-Manager!- Send money via bank transfer (activated per version)

– Bonus-Codes: A new system to get bonus items via codes

– Item comparison inventory screen

– Facebook integration

– Random product job drops


– Many issues with internet explorer fixed

– Issues with renaming towns and browser cache

– Adventurer product bonus was not shown correctly on jobs

– Building point calculation error with Pilgrim set- Text errors

– Jobs at edge of map removed

– Mini map hiding of ghost towns

– Town forum survey fix

– Skill description bug

– Image errors

– Market exploit

– Item popups

– Re-attacking players when signed into a fort battle

– Duel bugs

– Job window not fully visible

– Duel search -> empty server response

– Alliance rights fixes

– Quest giver over town

– Telgram jumps to page 1 when archiving

– Market/ghost town problem

– Several admin-tool fixes

– Other smaller bugfixes


– haze.png removed

– Maximum level is selected per default when sleeping in own hotel

– “show on map” button in town overview

– bb code for alliances

– Changes to chest drop rate at fort battle

– Quests, items, holiday specials

– Players can sign in to fort battles of allied forts from afar

– Duel and fort battle reports show more detailed information

-Golden gun will not stack anymore in fort battles


Currently planned for 1.32

– new Duel system

– new Achievement system

– Fort shop

– Rebalancing jobs / items

– Many Achievements

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Avatar generator

April 19th, 2011 24 comments

One of our artists is working on an avatar generator for west. The idea is, that we drop the old avatar system and allow you to design your own character. You can decide what kind of nose, eyes, beards, mouth or hairs he or she should have. The number of possible variations is already quite large, even though we only have a “small” set of test images. A native american face as well as a colored skin is planned as well.

There are a number of advantages to the old system:

  • more individuality: The chance of identical “twins” in the game is much smaller than now
  • different backgrounds, possibility to reflecting your current location or current work
  • simplified process of creating quest giver avatars (currently, it’s way too much work)
  • possibility to display current character’s health – bruises and bandages after knock outs or fort battles (only in case of gained duel protection)
    • Adding the character avatar to the town page will instantly visualize the effect of a concerted duel attack on that town
  • possibility to allow you to earn new stuff to your avatar through quests – like “finish the quest and add this earring to your avatar”

We’re of course still in the process of evaluating this all and it might still change by quite some means.

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How about crafting buffs

April 15th, 2011 21 comments

Hi there,

i am proud to announce that i finished the frontend buff implementation in relationship to crafting. Keep in mind there are no final graphics yet and they will completly reworked.

We make a good developing progress and we think we can release the next patch soon. So look forward to crafting, poker, buffs, new tutorial and many bug fixes (and of course new bugs ;))

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I am back!

April 14th, 2011 25 comments

Hey dear Readers,

Sorry for the break I took so unexpected (it was a bit unexpected for me as well), but it inevitably made me forget everything about work and the devblog and the game and pretty much everything else, so …. it took a while to get back here. It’s a pretty private reason but it’s nothing bad to worry about ;).

So this is what I am currently working on (besides poker which I still have to work out…):

So I am about to integrate the new layout together with a new JavaScript backend – we want to switch from mootools to jquery, so we’ll have to rework a lot of old junk … which is good, because we have a lot of things that need to be redesigned / rewritten and we hope that these coming changes are going to simplify these works greatly. For the HTML / Tech people out there: The new layout redesign is purely css based and it’s possible to redefine the skin itself (we did because we tried a few layouts) – so theoretically, you could create your own schemes for west.



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The West goes scifi

April 1st, 2011 31 comments

Because of complains about the new interface-layout from players of the german community and their opinion that we should dismiss our graphic artists, we replaced him instantly with someone from Asia. So I am proud to present his first draft of the new layout for The West.

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