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Be ready for 2.0 public beta

August 13th, 2012 7 comments


i am proud to announce that the development of the version 2.0 has reached a beta state. We plan to update the public beta this week, more precisely on Thursday. We await your feedback and we know that we have still a lot to do and of course we will have a lot more to do if we get the first wave of feedbacks. 🙂
Public beta World 2 (Amchitka) will get the update first. After that we will launch a new world 3 which will get the 2.0 update too. World 1 is planned for next week, the reason for that is simple: we have to migrate stuff like towns etc on the new map and we want to make sure that everything works fine. On world 2 there are just less towns and player. On a new world we don’t have any problems with migrations.

Explore the feature list here

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