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Interface implementation started

July 5th, 2012 10 comments

We started last week with the implementation of the new interface and of course i will show you the first elements 🙂 First of all here is the new status bar with the standard information like bonds, money, deposit and nuggets. With the nugget button in the middle you will get to the premium window to active or longer premium bonuses, with the plus button in the nuggets label you will be redirected to the premium buy window.

We have a new bottom bar with buttons for the common windows there are 4 kinds of buttons: normal, non active if a feature is not available yet (for example crafting before you reach level 20 or town button before you are a member of a town), hover if you mouse over and active if a window is already opened

Last element for this week is the chat. This is how the chat looks if you login into the game it just shows you how many friends online and if you got some new friend requests or chat messages. If there are new chat messages or friendrequests the button will start to blink. To see chatrooms and friends you will need to open that box (i will show the opened box view in the next blog post).

We are very very busy at this point of development we have already a little delay. There is a lot of javascript code which has to be changed, because we will finally get rid of mootools. There are also a lot of changes in backend for example changes for storing and loading the new map, chat improvements, daemon improvements. We are very excited how the 2.0 version will perform on client machines and on our servers because we invested a lot of time in optimization of code in the 2.0 development.

On graphical side the new map is nearly finished. There is one map editor left, who does the finishing at the moment.

The internal beta version is planned for the beginning of the next week it is a very hard deadline but we will do our best.

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