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Link all the Items!



At the end I was able to implement a quite small but cool feature which we wanted to have since ages: Link Items.
It was almost painful to show up a friend the just acquired recipe he may need or just share the epic item you’ve found during a job.

With 2.0 this problem is gone.
On the picture to the right you can see how it actually works. The syntax is really easy and it will be translated after you’ve sent it.

Of course we are aware that it wouldn’t make things easier when you first have to figure out which id your desired item have.
So here we’ve got another small feature: Focus a text field where you want to share it and then Shift+Click on the specific Item you want to share (it doesn’t matter where the item is shown). After that the quickcode is shown on the text field.

From the picture it seems like this feature is just limited to the Chat, but here I can ease you.
Sharing items is available everywhere you can write (e.g: Profile, Town profile, Fort profile).
Sadly there is one problem: Town Forum. Due to technical behaviours you are not able to directly link the item into the textfield. But here you can just copy the quickcode
to it and it works as intended, but there is one exception, because linking items is a game feature they will not be displayed when the town forum is opened externally.

Another solution which i’m currently working on is just enclose the item name into the quickcode.



Also our new emoticons (smilies) are available everywhere, too. Now we are able to have a more emotional Western experience. Furthermore we are going to implement a smiley bbcode which will show up the available emoticons.

Of course we havn’t removed the good old chicken which will stay as a little remembrance to our beloved devzet.




One more small feature is upcoming. On the job page you will be able to click on the skill which is opening the inventory and instantly displaying the items containing the required skill.






Last but not least we removed the maximum size of the chat. This will give you the ability to expand the chat below the game interface. Also we are going to do some improvements to the positioning behaviour when saving and opening on different screen sizes.


  1. Faark
    Faark September 28, 2012

    Nice, but you should also consider supporting drag&drop items into the chat / [a window with] a text field. At least for me thats is way more intuitive and feels more natural these days than having to remember special key combinations^^

  2. the black penny
    the black penny September 30, 2012

    besides streamlining the game and making keys easier to see and use..
    are there any major additions to expected ?

    past additions
    eg, fort, market, poker

  3. Archer
    Archer October 7, 2012

    doesn’t it work anymore????? I can’t use the shift-click today?

    after all, the trader wants to sell the piece I shift-click to me.?

  4. the black penny
    the black penny October 18, 2012

    Frohe Botschaft!

    Deiner Stadt wurde das Privileg zugesprochen auf die neue Karte umzusiedeln.

    Bitte gehe in die Stadthalle -> Stadtreservierung und gebe die Wunschkoordinaten des neuen Stadtplatzes ein. Wenn du nichts einträgst, wird der Sheriff entscheiden, wo ihr euer neues Zuhause finden werdet.

    Wir sehen uns drüben!

    the above is a translation error (3 years, and still translation problems….really? )

    today i decided to repair my sisters prada sunglasses, apparently since 2011 prada has started its new range called baroque or something.
    all i needed was a replacement hinge.
    i first started to phone a wholesaler of optometry clinic, the manager there was very arrogant and egotistic, just with the fact that he is a eye doctor…and thus giving him the privileges of being rude, crude and abrupt.
    so i decided to go “to” an optometrist, they gave me a name to buy a single hinge for the glasses.
    i went home and when i got home i noticed the call card didnt have a phone number(rather slack secretary skills, name and no number ..really?)
    i phoned the optometrist again,
    and got another lady on the line, she would not give me the number due to some medical privileges and secrecy.(she too lazy to do her job)
    so i phoned another branch
    they gave me the number instantly (they broke the rules)
    i phones the company that have the hinges for the prada baroque sunglasses.
    the secretary didnt have a clue what she was doing and put me through to another lady, who didnt know how to talk, due to eating her lunch, then i was handed over to a manager and they realised due to phone identification,,that i was not from that city, so he placed me through to his second in command, that is a sales rep from my city.
    i then phoned the sales rep,
    she explained a few details, and i could tell that she was rushing, and said that she needed to know the design specifications, the size of the frame and the rims, the size that could fit the hinge, and even the lobe.
    pictures and technical drawings of the glasses.

    after that.
    i can now make one
    i can even design my own sunglasses, and have my own company’s name laser cut into the acetate frames, i can mould them, and even get some carl zeiss lenses(some space satalights and cameras have a few).

    i dont have the prada baroque hinge,,,

    total time
    12 hours
    amount of people spoken to
    23 people.

    point to this.
    make it right the first time, or dont have 5 people doing a job that could be done by one, and quality,,or else some one else will come by and make one better then you can.

  5. -Neo-
    -Neo- November 2, 2012

    New map: very very pretty!
    changes to duelling and duel level: absolutely abysmal.

    Hey Inno! I already have a pretty screensaver, please sell me a game!

    sorry scrub that!

    New Simcity out yet?

  6. the black penny
    the black penny November 2, 2012

    everything is cool

    the giant troll face in the middle.

    its not yours
    its not your pic
    its not part of the game
    its not even part of the west
    its not even funny
    its spoils the “broth”

    rather the “inno” logo…or west

    its shows the companies personality,, and the moment its a bunch of jerks rather then jokers.

    read up on brand marketing please.

  7. -Neo-
    -Neo- November 3, 2012

    hey guys, after playing 2.0 for a bit, I think its awesome.

    the map and jobs are awesome, although like TBP says remove the troll face from the middle.
    I think that the way duel mot works is pretty much exactly the same as before. just different.
    i think maybe its slightly more difficult to maintain 0% which then makes duellers duel easier targets still which is the opposite effect of what needs to be done.
    and thus the work on the duelling XP was imho completely pointless.

    I think that the charisma duel skills should be brought back up a bit to level the duel playing field.

    but there is still one major issue that is the biggest downfall and always has been the biggest downfall of this game. the feeling you get when you get mugged by a dueller.
    @ inno please contact me about this.

    apart from that I think you have done an amazing job, its still a bit buggy but your work has paid off, it looks amazing and playability is getting better.

    I hope marketing will bring new players in.

  8. the black penny
    the black penny November 6, 2012

    inno was complaining about so called trolls (innocent victims)
    and now they have created a whole game full of them.
    everybody is making troll jokes and games, calling one another trolls and other>
    in gaming troll is bad
    spelling grammar Gestapo is bad.
    religious fanatics are bad (religion and faith is part of society and is needed a level)
    whiners , bad mouther , chaotic, snitches and even spoilers.
    Yet you have added all thatr…great job inno.

    ps, how is the road map? <————————trollolololololololololo

  9. moskow
    moskow November 11, 2012

    woow…the game is so amazing now, you guys are genius!!!!

    I can a job for 40 minutos that will blow 50% of my motivation on that job…and still…I didn’t drop anything!!!!!

    congrats guys, you really did a great job ruining great gameplay!!

    hope you have good stats now, and that you feel happy with them….

  10. chuck42
    chuck42 November 14, 2012

    Will InnoGames be removing or drastically revising the v2 update, or are we stuck with it? Please answer so that I know whether to put my worlds on vacation or simply delete them all.



  11. the black penny
    the black penny November 21, 2012

    Bar Brawl

    fast action mindless clicking
    same as poker , but without the licence and limitations.

    did you know
    that the simple games, such as peggle and other slot like games, are the fastest growing and most addictive games….and most popular.

    simple programs or applications, that with high risk also yield high turn around and returns.
    if added to the west, it would have less risk, being supported by an already established product,, and with a higher chance of success(and higher profit margins (within a matter of weeks, not months))

    a simple application that benefits the games environment and hopefully “stimulate” the previous marketing plan “word of mouth (the best marketing plan(the best))
    making improved customer feed back and more likely that they would tell other people or bring them into the game..being a more social and enjoyable game…..

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