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Bandays on beta

banplayDon’t be fooled by this screenshot – we banned more than just one player

Due to a recent ugly take over of a town on the beta, we devs have just been busy cleaning up the beta. Seems like a multi took a town and kicked out all other players. We won’t restore ownership of that town, but we got rid of a couple of players on beta now. Apparently we gathered quite a few multis / passwordsharers on the beta – turned out that noone was responsible for that job till now. We are going to take care about that so that our precious development time is not going to be spent on managing the beta world. Although it’s been a quite interesting break. And I guess that some players are now at least a bit satisfied (or not…).

Anyway, I had no experience with banning players, so I took a lesson on how to hunt multis today. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

By the way, this is not what I was referring to when I was saying that I would appreciate more cheaters on the beta. Multi account, password sharing and stuff like that are still bannable offenses.

And meanwhile … – I haven’t been blogging so much recently because there was not so much to blog about, but I have  a couple of topics I am working on… for example the one on “how to cheat”. But that’ll need some time. But it’s on my list, really!

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  1. Micky1992
    Micky1992 July 24, 2009

    Yeah, well done! There were so many multis of which i knew. Hopefully they were all banned 🙂

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