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Global rollout: 1.20 + hotfixes

The global rollout was done without major or even minor problems during the update phase. This pleased us a bit, after the final rushing and some problems we reported about, it was not easy to make a statement. It just can’t be as worse as the 1.18 rollout, but after such experience you never know πŸ˜€

After we spent some time to harden the 1.20 release and crush the most casual bugs we now rolled out a hotfixed version. We fixed some user reported bugs as well as those we caught up on our central syslog monitoring tool where every unexpectedly raised exception and error will be logged. Using this technique and fighting against every entry improved the code quality a lot and helps us to get a global overview about whats going on. But now i want to tell you about what we fixed exactly:

  1. fixed a bug in the town name validation method that allowed to build two towns with the same name under special conditions.
  2. fixed a bug that could leave open connections to the memcached back and maybe reach the max-connections limit. we now call the connection close in the destructor of our memcached backend to hopefully fix this glitch. I will do some testing about polled and persistent memcahed connections in the future and maybe improve the implementation and technical deployment in one of the following releases.
  3. added a fort monitoring script to report invalid states just in time so we can react very fast and try to track down the problem.
  4. added a notification in the GUI if the players email is not valid or confirmed yet. We have to make the sad news that we limited in the same breath the game interaction and functionality for accounts without confirmed emails. Sorry guys we really have to πŸ™
  5. fixed some wrongly named images that was noticeable in the fort overview as missing building images.
  6. fixed problem with terminating the called php process from java. Hopefully. This could be the fix for the not ending fort battle glitch where players get stuck.
  7. last but not least i improved our deployment scripts with some nice and really useful colored output. Its much easier to determine whats going on during a global update if somebody only in the first place has to take care about the colors in the prompt. It was really confusing before, just seeing a huge couple of white text lines.I had to perform some manual eye-powered RegEx matching to catch probable update and deployment error messages. Now its quite more relaxed to just hit enter and look and the nice colors. awesome.just some small pleasures of life πŸ™‚ But sorry guys, too poor that i guess none of you would ever see this, so here it is:

west update screenshot


  1. AztecEmp
    AztecEmp July 27, 2009

    I hate what u the developers did with the accounts that have not confirmed the e-mail, i am from the Spanish server, in the world 2 my account was in Al Sur, I got out for vacations for about a week and when I returned, the people of Al Sur got me out so I could have my money secure and now I can’t enter. Also is impossible to communicate with telegrams now and I am founder and mayor of many cities, and that’s a serious problem. Surely this is permanent, I loved the game until now that, now I feel my characters like if they were incapable of something or if they have Down Syndrome.:(

  2. Micky1992
    Micky1992 July 27, 2009

    Have you already think about confirming your email? It would be the solution of all your problems *g*

  3. anthraxx
    anthraxx July 28, 2009

    yep exactly, this would be a solution πŸ˜‰
    and by the way: we had no choice, so don’t blame the developers and engineers please, its beyond our decision.

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