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  1. Branden Brainard
    Branden Brainard July 15, 2009

    I would really like to help testing all the new updates. and I promise I will cheat as much as possible while im in the beta tester. I will find all the bugs.

  2. anthraxx
    anthraxx July 22, 2009

    but please remind: cheat as much as possible does not really mean to push your character but rather to find many different kind of cheat possibilities and report them all. but thanks, so go for it 😀

  3. JeNeI
    JeNeI July 27, 2009

    Can I enter the beta please? I am a very active player.

  4. zet
    zet July 27, 2009

    Sorry. You’ll need to wait until we raise the limit again. We might do this at any point in the future – probably announcing it here. So keep an eye on this blog and check the beta if the counter went down again (due to inactive players or because we banned someone…)

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