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We are making Progress …

I leaked some screenshots …. I hope you enjoy

Some new  mountains, a small town, a lot of wood and rivers are shown here. Note town graphics are not final at all and this border will not stay :p

Some desert with a lot of details on the ground. A new job icon placed right in the middle. Our problem at the moment: Job-Icons at the actual state are not clear enough. If someone has good ideas feel free to post 🙂

And another screenshot with some roads towns, job icons, rivers and trees.

We are very happy about our progress and we are looking forward that we can announce  a date for any kind of public beta in the near future.

But there happened also a lot more changes in the development. We converted some more screen to new design Sheriff, Bank, a lot of fort buildings. We are nearly done with converting any windows to new design. i will hand out screenshots for the new windows later, because i don’t have the new screen on my development machine at the moment.

The development for new Interface has taken place and makes a good progress, hopefully i can present some pictures next week and tell you something more whats this all about.

Last but not least for this week we did a lot of optimization for php backend and also our chat server and still will go on a while. Our technical goal for 2.0 is it to get more performance out of the game this belongs to chat, server backend request and also the new interface and javascript code. It is our goal to get West 2.0 more smooth to play and everything should work with shorter response time.


  1. ismail
    ismail June 21, 2012

    This works is amazing! I liked them. I thing you cant do standart missions more because it has negative effective between players. I think a person )or a town or a county or a country) give a job to people. For example, county need to road construction between 2 cities. In county job market can be seen and which player ability is ok this job, take it. Another example, i have a farm in a town but i dont want to plant it so i give another player this job. This system is good for players dialogue and i thing game must has just one world.

  2. abskay
    abskay June 21, 2012

    Will it work on smart phones?

  3. Bluep
    Bluep June 21, 2012

    MMmm.. I guess that’s the nice part of the update *g*

    @town graphics: They definitely need some paths/dirt patches between the houses, perhaps even some connection to nearby roads..? I’m looking forward for the next town version(s)!

    @job graphics: Well.. If we should suggest better ones, it’d be helpful to know which job groups are planned so far ^^

    @graphics in common: How much increase in data volume is to be expected, compared to the current state?
    And are you planning a shared graphics server for all worlds running the same game version at last..?
    That would be a HUGEadvantage when you wouldn’t have to download (and cache) all graphics for every single world you play on its own…
    (of course, there should be some distinct servers for different regions of the world 🙂 )

    [And thanks for answering my market restriction & job time / task list questions.. even if the answer was quite disappointing. I really hope for you that your plans for a new target audience will work out….]

  4. rainy
    rainy June 21, 2012

    we already use a CDN server for each market at least. The data volume will be a little bit increased but we plan to build in an ingame option which allows to reduce details and will smaller the transfer of graphics, its also an idea to provide a downloadable graphic package for smaller loading time

  5. vello100
    vello100 June 21, 2012

    Haven’t you thought about caching map tiles with HTML5 Web Storage? It would save lot of bandwidth.

  6. aliebaba
    aliebaba June 21, 2012

    Ooh, god, I like this update already :D, good job! 🙂

  7. Surge
    Surge June 21, 2012

    will be all worlds converted into 2.0 or only the new ones? (like update with shorter jobs in the past)

  8. rainy
    rainy June 21, 2012

    We have but one word “IE7” 🙂

  9. rainy
    rainy June 21, 2012

    All worlds will be updated to 2.0

  10. CALLlKA
    CALLlKA June 21, 2012

    A lot of respect for the placement of new posts every week! 🙂

  11. Tyrus
    Tyrus June 21, 2012

    Maybe you can use small moving things to indicate a job icon. (a fisherman near water jobs, that kind of stuff) Looks great!
    Will there be any changes in character-class bonusses ? Maybe it’s nice to makes differences bigger, so player with an other character is really an other experiende.
    Would be nice too if clother were updated, because it’s possible now to wear most of old stuff (so not the belts and pants) at level 60.

  12. joxo0071
    joxo0071 June 21, 2012

    Oh my Quarter Horse! It’s mind-blowing, keep goin’. 🙂
    PS: Agree with CALLIKA. 🙂

  13. Marc c
    Marc c June 21, 2012

    maybe you can put a job-highlight button somewhere in the interface. that everything is “blacked-out” on the map (like the background of these lightbox-javascript-image-popup-things) except the job-icons. in my opinion is even that glow thats shown on the images to heavy so i hope you dont make it more hevier just for a better recognation.

    so baisicly its good how it is but for the guys with the retarded eyes you could build in a help button.. thats it

  14. LoLxDloL
    LoLxDloL June 21, 2012

    Omg, I can’t wait anymore!

  15. Malá Dáma CZ
    Malá Dáma CZ June 21, 2012

    It looks like Forge of Empires, brb..

  16. rainy
    rainy June 21, 2012

    It was the same graphic artits who created the tiles but you can believe me if you can see the whole map you will notice a alot of differences 🙂

  17. Killado
    Killado June 22, 2012

    Give the jobs icons a more vivid color compared with the background.
    On that screen if the wagon was reddish and yellow it would be somewhere like some of the old west wagons and it would pop on the view for everyone. On the pier get a brighter color for the water (drop 3 or 4 points on the blue, it would not change much on the view) and the brown of the wood will be clear.
    On the grass too you can get it brighter nearby the towns and darker where there are no towns. I think you will get wood jobs on some forests, so it would be a easy transition between the clear green of the grass to a darker and the trees.

  18. Butcher Pete
    Butcher Pete June 22, 2012

    looks very nice, 2 changes id make
    1 give the towns roads/dirt paths as someone else posted
    2 get rid og the stupid looking brown box around each town, it looks like they dug a moat :p

  19. Marc c
    Marc c June 22, 2012

    ” Note town graphics are not final at all and this border will not stay”
    read – think – read again – ask

  20. tribgrep
    tribgrep June 22, 2012

    Hey there devs,

    Looks good once more, keep up the good work.
    Rainy keep us updated ^^

    Hope to see it implemented on the beta soon so we can get testing.
    Yours sincerely,


  21. Bullets
    Bullets June 22, 2012

    1. The town icons would definitely need more detail, and maybe, place the houses a bit more randomly?
    2. The rivers look a bit too low-res, also they should be more curved.

    Otherwise, good job.

  22. ketjatekos
    ketjatekos June 22, 2012

    I just thinking about… if you want to get new players, and then don’t lose them, I think you should make (some) new concept(s) to the game too…
    Just an idea, it might not that good: Hidden places all over the map, that have secrets, but it’s really hidden… and they give you some kind of permanent bonus, and some kind of “buff” – maybe money, exp… but there are lots of things that can get a bonus…
    Bandits, but it’s not the one that the support use as Non Player Character. Maybe 2-3 bandit town where there are 5-15 bandit, and they randomly duel the (online) person, or just they are in a town, and you can go into that town…
    I often see asks for a new battle too, this can be used for that too… it shouldn’t take the places from the fort battles, but in this town, a town can face to these bandits… maybe each town have a chance every 1-2 week… and I can write lot’s of things about a Bandit battle, but I don’t have time now, and in the next 7 day…
    There are lot’s of things that can make this game better, just we have to think about it, and just make these think, and not stuff like new shops 😀 we don’t really need the moving trader too, just in first levels, and for seling things when there are no town 😀

  23. the black penny
    the black penny June 23, 2012

    the town
    looks like sim city lay out…too organised..too neat… too modern.

    job icon
    area highlights bright flashing strobe..
    flag (with option to clear map or show icons (for nice view)
    hovering icon’s (butterflies, birds, skulls, weapon, big W symbol)

    your “direct” competition company, from same country as you are.
    has redeveloped its forum, to a more culture friendly, entertaining and progressive knowledge growth.
    yours has/is in a state of “ethnic cleansing”, <—registered.

    they also have a system where certain words are blocked for safety privacy and security, giving it a full PG/all ages status.(you cant swear any where in the game.
    yours does not…some have stated that there has been language filters implemented,,but thats a lie.
    the language issue has been a form of abuse by many "various" types of players.
    provoking another to lash out in harsh language,,only to get them reported.
    its an abuse, or lack of controls, and…. negligence.
    blah blah blah

    rough up the country a bit, save the best for last,,and take your time on this.

  24. Laudis
    Laudis June 24, 2012

    Oh my god! That´s wonderfull!! :O :O (-_-(-_-)-_-)

  25. De Lanroz
    De Lanroz June 24, 2012

    I think you should be VERY careful with this. As for myself, I do not see the need for better graphics, as it is a browsergame. The game mechanics are way more important to me. I like the damage in jobs thing and for the rest of the stuff I actually think they’re just minor changes really.

    I have already heard people being afraid that the game will become too slow and they might leave the game if it will become so. So it’s very dangerous.

    In my opinion, the only real improvement in the game would be a new mechanism (just like fortfights were back in the days). But such a thing should be considered very thoroughly and be very well constructed. It could -or maybe even should- have a nice real-time component in it (like fortfights): the more time you put in it, the more you gain.

    I hope you read this and really consider these points, as they seem pretty crucial to me. And one last thing, don’t rush things through!

    Your effort is appreciated.

  26. MARCO5000
    MARCO5000 June 25, 2012

    points of the city remain the same? in version 2.0 TW

  27. rainy
    rainy June 25, 2012

    Of course we have also to think about new concepts to keep player in the game for the moment we think the biggest barrier is to get in the game if we have done this with new map and graphical changes. We have of course a lot to do with rebalancing given systems and we will do this but it will take time we can’t do anything at the same time

  28. Rick
    Rick June 26, 2012

    Looks fantastic. Keep up the good work. Maybe job icons should be a bit subtle – this will encourage in-game interaction and keep the map looking clean.

  29. MARCO5000
    MARCO5000 June 27, 2012

    will have much work ahead =)

  30. MARCO5000
    MARCO5000 June 27, 2012

    will have new building in the city?? is that I counted 17 different buildings in the picture??
    my english is not good = (

  31. Bullets
    Bullets June 28, 2012

    MARCO5000 :will have new building in the city?? is that I counted 17 different buildings in the picture??my english is not good = (

    Not sure, though you will be able to dynamically manage the building placement inside the town area, according to some very old updates.

  32. rainy
    rainy June 29, 2012

    It will definitely implemented after release of 2.0 its still on our roadmap

  33. Killado
    Killado July 2, 2012

    And what about a Gauntlet?
    Where people could go once a week to duel some bad nasties NPCs to get prizes?
    Together with the npcs duels, we could get a City duel Competition that would change place every Sunday (on Sundays there would not be duels).
    People would go there, pay a entrance fee and register 3 health buffs. Then it would be a Survivor run. Win the most duels in a row before you get killed.
    If we got 5 wins, get 25 Upbs. If we get 10 wins, get us a steel chest. With 15 wins, unique chest. With 20 wins, 250 upbs. Win 25 get premium chest.
    Yeah… before the 15 would not be too hard. Getting over the 20… that would be only for top duelers. If you die you will get the prize of the lower security level. Where you could stop and use the health items.
    On some special ocasions you could get a Human contest, where people would register and participate on a day of the week in the “You have to survive to be the last man standing”. Random draws from everyone that is there on a duel against everyone. The ones that lose there health would go out. The ones that are still alive get to the next draw… until there is only 1 man/woman alive. That could get duelers back into the game and a new feature for everyone to play.

  34. the black penny
    the black penny July 2, 2012

    you mentioned the words “rebalancing”

    why build a house made from stone, and use mud to cement it?
    why build a house out of paper when it will rain?
    why build a house made of wood, when the owner likes to play with fire?

    you could make a very simple game(such as pong), that is forever in beta form, never completed…yet people will still hover around, be drawn to it.
    it could have crap graphics, yet people still “enjoy” it…

    your ideas and draft concepts are great,,,,but your “foundation” is the problem.

  35. Bullets
    Bullets July 4, 2012

    “Y U No weekly updates ?”

  36. the black penny
    the black penny July 4, 2012

    coz they busy?

    noticed that the game has less issues with cache mem, since last update.
    “management of stored information”

  37. micky001
    micky001 July 4, 2012

    Brilliant the graphics can be compared to the forge of empires as it’s virtually the same company but non the less it’s memorizing.

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