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Addition to new job system

As promised yesterday here is the addition to the new job system from our Game-Designer Ashock


The injury system will also be changed a bit in the new The West version. Only the probability to get an injury will be influenced by the job-points and no longer the damage. The damage will be a set amount of percentage rate based on the player’s maximum health. Thus a player with a huge health pool will have the same chance to seriously injure himself as does a ‘normal’ player.

This change should increase the ‘thrill’ in working as you never know if this work might kill you. There should no longer be messages like ‘someone shot you. You lose 1 health point.’, but rather ‘someone shot you. You lose 1500 health points.’.


The dropchance system for items will not be changed drastically. The drop values will be calculated the same as before but there will be a bonus on drops for shorter worktimes.

For products on the other hand the system will be changed a bit. The displayed dropchance for a product in each job counts for every task. For each task it is no longer possible to find more products but only one. If there is a 50% dropchance for a 15 second task, the players will get a product statistically every 30 seconds. For a 50% dropchance in a 2 hours task, the player will get a product statistically every 4 hours. This will of course have a major impact on the crafting system, which will be completely revised.

This new system should lessen the confusion about the drops of products and should give the player an easier understandable model for price calculation.

Experience and Money

As with the new job system the worktime can no longer be influenced every job will have a fixed experience value. The money value will still be influenced for every job by the workpoint bonus of the player. There will be a bonus on experience and money for shorter worktimes.

Further the needed experience to level-up has been increased by 3 times, but also the offered experience by jobs, quests, achievements, etc. were increased by the same amount. The necessity of this was plainly the fact that jobs at a worktime of 15 seconds produced experience values of less than 1.


The questsystem will get a slight change, as the quest requirement ‘worktime’ no longer fits the new job system. This requirement will be change to a requirement ‘task.done’, which requires a certain amount of finished jobs

Motivation and Energy

Every job will reduce the work motivation by 5% independent of the worktime for this specific job. For every day the motivation will be increased by 25% at midnight. Jobs with a motivation of 0 will no longer yield experience, money or item drops. Product drops are still possible.

Observed over a longer time period, jobs with a lesser worktime will need more energy than jobs with a longer worktime.

Both systems are to counter the offered bonuses for jobs with a lesser worktime, to prevent players from abusing the new system.

I read already a lot of misunderstandings and questions i hope this words will make some things more clear. But i think there will be still questions unanswered. I will try to collect all this misunderstandings and questions and try to answer them in this post, so beware of daily updates 🙂


  1. butcher pete
    butcher pete June 14, 2012

    so you guys in the past have made it clear you have no interest in helping tw-db as its not an inno site blah blah.
    however myself and a large portion of your community use both the site and its ingame cloth-calc as often as we use the-west.
    so my question is this, will you facilitate a preview for 1 of the tw-db guys so they may begin coding a new cloth-calc, new map etc… so they can be ready to launch as soon as you guys do?

    launch day for 2.0 is going to be pretty hectic to say the least but when people realise they have no tw-db to reference and cloth-calc to help select gear you will have a LOT of angry players

  2. rainy
    rainy June 14, 2012

    as soon as we go to public beta twdb and cloth calc guys will have their chance to modify their scripts there will be enough time from public beta to release i think

  3. Gerwain
    Gerwain June 14, 2012

    Good point pete^ =)

    Just one question, as the needed xp is tripled, is it from then on possible to get 4500 exp points from a fort battle?

  4. aliebaba
    aliebaba June 14, 2012

    The job changes I found really intresting, because now they are boring because you can’t indeed any life points…

    But one question which i didn’t understand very well, about the exp points you will get, will this be brought back in balance with the duellers or not?

  5. Killado
    Killado June 15, 2012

    Just a few questions:
    The energy needed for each job will be the same if the job is 15 seg or 2h correct? (value at 6 per job?)
    On the drops of items, the faster jobs can get more itens than the slower ones, but what about the value? The bonus will be “a job that would give a item between 100-200 can find some item between 1000-2000”?

    And on the products, you mean that, since it will be easier to drop the itens, the numbers needed for the crafting or the quests will raise?

    And with the new experience, what will happen with the players that have already got to the 120 level? there will be some new calculation? or it´s only statical that you will raise by 3 times the values of everything been done?

  6. rainy
    rainy June 15, 2012

    Of course will be the exp of fortbattles and duels also be tripled

  7. Petee
    Petee June 15, 2012

    @butcher pete
    Thanks for thinking about us :). All the three of us play on beta (me and scoobydoo even on Amchitka – w2 for Elite testers), so we will try to counter the changes as soon as possible. There’s currently a lot of stuff we don’t know about yet, but apart from updating nearly all of our data, as for most of our scripts it seems like it isn’t going to be necessary to make too drastic changes to them to make them work on 2.0. The cloth calculator on our site should be available almost immediately after the update and I dare to say our ingame cloth-calc script should have most of its former features within a week or two, the import script should be ready in a few days at most. I think I’ll even split the website into two versions for 1.3x players and 2.0 players on beta.

    My two questions from yesterday’s post:
    * Is something going to happen with speed also at higher levels? You see, it would be pretty against logic if the player had to buy riding animals or boost their speed in other ways only to keep the same speed as they had in lower levels. The slow movement speed of productive worlds made me leave them and only play on beta worlds, where it’s 3.33 times faster.
    * What technology will be used for the new map and jobs screens? HTML of Flash?

  8. William Manney
    William Manney June 16, 2012

    The million dollar question is…

    When the beta servers will be updated approximately if all goes well? 2 months? 3?

    Thanks rainy.

  9. rainy
    rainy June 16, 2012

    @William Manney
    We have a very very short development time planned, but we think we can manage it so. Our 1st plans are to bring the public beta in mid of july but keep in mind its a very optimistic plan 🙂

  10. rainy
    rainy June 16, 2012

    Hi petee
    there are no changes planned for speed on higher levels there will just be a movement buff for the beginning players.

    The new map and job system will be done as usual in the-west with html and javascript based on jquery completly we hope to cut off mootools finally 🙂

    There are no plans for html5 or more flash things than fort battles.

  11. FantasyGhost
    FantasyGhost June 16, 2012

    So no luck for smartphone gameplay just yet? Like good feather also asked no app to play your game from a smartphone?

  12. Petee
    Petee June 17, 2012

    Thank you, I’m so glad to hear that, I really hate flash… 😀

  13. rainy
    rainy June 18, 2012

    Our dev Team for The West is not responsible for mobile apps, but i think there will be some other game apps before The West will be started

  14. Surge
    Surge June 18, 2012

    I don’t see any daily updates of this thread rainy 😛

  15. rainy
    rainy June 18, 2012

    shame on me. I decided to use the comment function to answer questions so if anything open ask for it i will reply 🙂

  16. Surge
    Surge June 18, 2012

    well… I’m kinda curious – how the search for jobs will be done? I mean, groups will have their names and you must know which jobs are in which group or you will still be able to look for a certain job and only dots with job groups will show up on minimap? (don’t know how to write it better, hope you understand me 🙂 )
    And about minimap, it will stay the same?

  17. rainy
    rainy June 18, 2012

    I understand what you mean (hope so).

    You will be able to search for a specific job the job group will be highlighted on minimap then and you can click and go there. It will not be a big difference

  18. ketjatekos
    ketjatekos June 19, 2012

    In the hungarian West-forum we have a question, of the “Observed over a longer time period, jobs with a lesser worktime will need more energy than jobs with a longer work time.” thing.

    We want to know, that it’s mean the energy of the 15 minute job will be same with the 2 hour job, or something like this:
    The 15 minute job need something like 5 energy, that for 2 hour mean 40. The 2hour job lets say 36 energy.
    Or there are a third idea about this energy question.

  19. The Preacher
    The Preacher June 19, 2012

    Will the jobs required for the Daily Quests/ Daily Tasks in the saloon remain at 15 min. per job or will this be changed as well ?

    The Daily Quests for players lvl 81+ require some mid- and high(er)-level jobs. Any danger that these jobs will have longer tasks ?

  20. rainy
    rainy June 20, 2012

    The 15 minute job need something like 5 energy, that for 2 hour mean 40. The 2hour job lets say 36 energy.

    something like that. If you calculate a shorter job up to 2hour it will take more energy than the 2hour jobs in usual

  21. Surge
    Surge June 20, 2012

    it was a good question about those daily tasks…it require some really difficult jobs, you’ll have to spend like 4-8 hours/day just to do 4 jobs on higher levels? (in case there is no product requirement that day 🙂 )

  22. moskow
    moskow June 21, 2012

    btw…you should really switch from flash to html5 (imo)…flash is so..but so…but so heavy…

    and adobe just screw it up eaven more with the new update…

  23. rainy
    rainy June 21, 2012

    @The Preacher
    Instead of doing a quest for a specific time all quests will be changed to do a job a specific count so for example:

    15 min scaring of birds (old)
    2 x scaring of bird (new)

    There is just the fort battle and duel scene in flash at the moment and this will stay in flash with 2.0

  24. The Preacher
    The Preacher June 21, 2012

    rainy :
    @The Preacher
    Instead of doing a quest for a specific time all quests will be changed to do a job a specific count so for example:
    15 min scaring of birds (old)
    2 x scaring of bird (new)
    i was rather thinking of

    15 min catching crabs (old)
    1 x catching crabs (e.g. 1 h task / new)

  25. Gosialein
    Gosialein June 24, 2012

    1 product per 1 job?
    if a quest requires 200 products of varied drop probability, we’ll gather them for half a year! :O

  26. Killado
    Killado July 13, 2012

    Not like that.
    For example: clearing the woods will give you ALWAYS 1 wood for each 30 minutes(think it will be around 15 to 30 minutes for clearing the woods). Right now… only if you have premium you will get that. So, it will take less time to get (very very less) the products that it is now.
    (and forget about the 5 minutes… i did 50 times the 3 minutes of the tobacco… got 8 tobaco plants. I would get more if i had done the hour job)

  27. jakkals
    jakkals July 29, 2012

    @rainy. I hope you still read this blog. Some players are really concerned..presumably about the time changing. I have a few questions:
    1.For higher level players and we are talking about the repeatable quest for the daily task will this mean that where we are working 30 mins on a daily repeatable we will now work 2 hours.
    2. Will 15 seconds jobs be equated for higher level players: for example taking only 2 energy points instead of the normal max job of 24 energy points.
    3. i dont really get how this will help newer players. So he works 1 minute and then have to wait 8 hours to work again or 50 x 15 secs . So about 12 minutes?

    [quote=rainy]Observed over a longer time period, jobs with a lesser worktime will need more energy than jobs with a longer worktime.[/quote]
    If I understand this correctly as your motivation goes down in a job your energy requirement increase?

    Still is a 15 second job also gonna consume 24 energy.

  28. ghost1412
    ghost1412 August 7, 2012

    hey can we get a beta test ??

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