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Moving on

Last week we slowly updated all markets and worlds to 1.30. For certain markets it took longer than expected, but in the end, we finally made it through the list. Now we are a bit in between the gap of cleaning up smaller and bigger issues between two releases. We currently don’t work on any new features but just performance optimize certain features or dent out older problems. 1.30 will have several silent micro patches that will be rolled out without extra announcements (unless there’s a clearly visible  new feature introduced – there a few smaller issues we might take up). The valentine’s event is about to be ready (it’ll be a really really small thing). I am not sure if you all are going to like it – it’ll need a bit of trying and socializing with fellow players. Right now it isn’t entirely fair, especially finding out how the thing works will be a bit costly for players. Maybe we’ll skew it so that it’s entirely fair or at least giving a decent clue how it’s meant to be handled. There’s some time left to handle it, but we have to hurry already to get the translations through and all that…

Meanwhile the chat server prototype solves some old problems but also makes a few new problems. It’s not the solution we endorse, but it’s a solution. Currently there are some bugs out there left (the fort battle chat is not working on all worlds as expected – that is fixed but needs to be rolled out still). It’s been running during last week pretty smoothly and I did not have to spend much time on investigating issues of it (maybe 5% of my work time).

1.31 features are still not settled – we have to make some decisions soon about what will be included and what is left out – or if we micro patch certain stuff into 1.30.


  1. teteusmm
    teteusmm January 11, 2011

    server-pt Portugal do not appear the new rookie missions pk zet know what?

  2. Slasher75
    Slasher75 January 11, 2011

    Indeed, When will the even ID numbers get the rookie quest ?

    And when can we expect new quests ?????

  3. JoxerTM
    JoxerTM January 11, 2011

    Zet, I’m not sure if it’s a bug or is a secret quest, but it started to happen after 1.30 was implemented on servers. And I don’t think it’s a secret quest.
    There are screenshots on beta, russian and slovak worlds, while doing graverobber job, players are finding an item + the third key. On the same report. So in 1 hour of work on graverobber, you get for example fancy dress coat and key#3. Please fix it.
    Here’s one such report from beta:
    [report=8188939dd4b9c1250]Job report: Grave robber[/report] (the key+pants in the same report)

  4. aliebaba
    aliebaba January 11, 2011

    on the ductch servers the chat works really good, but we aren’t with much people of course.

    Further one question, the market bug, for sell more products in one click don’t work, can that bug reapaired ?

  5. Bodhnard
    Bodhnard January 12, 2011

    Hello Zet
    I play on french worlds 1,3 and 4, and I don’t find any new mission since the 1.30 is installed. Everything else seems to work correctly…
    Ho, I was about to forget the most important: Happy new year, and thank you for the pleasure I get every day playing that game !

  6. the black penny
    the black penny January 12, 2011

    you sound incredibly bored with the mountain of work you have created in this new year.
    are you looking forward to the very many stupendous questions from the players. having to explain everything in minuet detail to people to only be having to do it your self in the end? 🙂

    there is a huge error on the forums, it seems that a few players have access to private account information and details.
    one of the players spoke about the number of infractions some one (me) acquired.
    naturally i dont care, but that is a real breach in rules and terms of conditions, others would not take it so lightly.
    the real question is how they got access, or who told them.
    invasion of the privacy policy is very strict in certain parts of the world.

    i dont care much about it,, but it sounds like an inside job to me.
    you have a spy zet…yes a spy that is leaking information to the outside world.
    sounds like a

    dont blame the poster,, blame the dog.

  7. Sanidh
    Sanidh January 13, 2011

    Poker Poker pleaseee :'(
    It was promised 2 years back.. Still not enabled 🙁

    PLEASE PUT POKER IN THE LIST!! (of 1.31 ofcourse)

  8. John Sibley
    John Sibley January 14, 2011


    I’d be happy with this and I’m sure most people would.

  9. aliebaba
    aliebaba January 15, 2011

    oh, and zet, as you really don’t now what to do, make than battlefields :P. it looks me really cool, but a lot, a verry big lot of work. and, you are never free, so that’s a little problem :p.

  10. vitamin2002
    vitamin2002 January 19, 2011

    hey zet , whats up ? 🙂
    the 1.30 update are very good for increase fort fighters number as we experince this in one of old world in .net server
    but please increase chest drop luck for who die in battle
    so atleast this will be fair for who will be protect flag or who will be take fire …
    tanx for hard works 🙂
    hope we hear SOME news from next update very soon 😀

  11. Tom paris
    Tom paris January 19, 2011

    looking at the 1.30 it was a great update,the roadmap is definitely being used, can we hope to see the newspaper feature as in worlds especially the older ones it could bring new life in to them and activity

    A newspaper will be released every 3-7 days. It will hold statistics, a horoscope and short player statements.”

  12. ben
    ben January 23, 2011

    OH yes very good 1.30 🙂

    But the poker is a very good game, when poker in the west ?

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