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Back from vacation & Server updates goes on

Over Christmas time, we had too few people at the company (including me) to continue the update process. So we stalled it for one week until after new year. That’s pretty much now. We’ve updated now the Polish and Netherlands’ worlds to 1.30 (note: The Christmas quest was extended so everyone can finish it). We will continue tomorrow with further markets. Part of the problem was or is, that 1.30 raises the user’s activity so much that the servers run out of resources. If we’d updated all markets at once, the servers would fail alltogether. To prevent that from happening, we have to update the servers one by one.

Otherwise from that: Happy new Year everyone!


  1. Scara
    Scara January 3, 2011

    Hi & Happy New Year !
    Do you have already planned the update on French Worlds ?

  2. Warrio
    Warrio January 3, 2011

    Great πŸ˜€

  3. Nikita
    Nikita January 3, 2011

    When RU world’s will be updated?

  4. zet
    zet January 3, 2011

    If all goes well, 1.30 should go through this week on all markets.

  5. JoxerTM
    JoxerTM January 3, 2011

    Happy new year zet, I wish you less stress but more cash in this year. And of course the most important: health without a need for soldier bonus. πŸ˜‰

  6. Joao611
    Joao611 January 3, 2011

    Yay, 1.30 will arrive this week on pt worlds! πŸ˜€

  7. Joao611
    Joao611 January 3, 2011

    Hey, and good idea the one of “the first thing to do in 2011 is putting more 1000 spots on alamogordo πŸ˜‰ More PTs and BRs coming to help us, oh yeah!

  8. Marian
    Marian January 4, 2011

    Will .ro worlds be update to 1.30 this week?

  9. aliebaba
    aliebaba January 4, 2011

    i love the new update.
    but their are a lot of people by uss (don’t ask me for wat) that the Bonuses of the pants and bells find to high.

    btw: Happy new year every boddy πŸ™‚

  10. totzy
    totzy January 5, 2011

    sute the bonuses are high, but there is no other clothing you can compare with the new items.
    There are no shoes or hats that require lvl 80-120. But sure they will be available after few more updates.

  11. mennik
    mennik January 5, 2011

    Happy new Year zet bit late but hey :p

    maybe you can publish in what order you are going to update the servers

  12. aliebaba
    aliebaba January 10, 2011

    every boddy by us is verry happy for the new fort system, wel done dev’s :D.
    the turnouts by fort battles is much bigger.

    I asking my self one thing, which new features will come next :D.

  13. the black penny
    the black penny January 10, 2011


    they will start with server 4, then they will update server 8 and 13.
    then they will go onto server 5 and 6, and when that is done they will update server 14.
    after that they will update server 1, 9, and 3
    then after that they will update server 7, 2 and 10
    and last server 11.

    hope that helps πŸ˜€

    zet, your office looks dull, very nice furniture, but its dull, get some posters up and some plants.
    its a bit flipping chrome sterile, yeah sure its neat and comfortable and looks all corporate,,
    get your human resources people to put up some posters some plants maybe even some fluffy animals,,,
    but the server room does look wicked πŸ™‚
    was expecting some ram shackle basment thing,,, but its snazzy, well done.
    very tron like.

    happy Easter.

  14. Kars Smidt
    Kars Smidt January 15, 2011

    The Netherlands’ servers?
    There is a simple adjective for that: “Dutch”

    Nice update btw.

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