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Bonus preview

devshot-42-defensepreview1.22 is also getting a new minor feature in the battle preview (but alas not to the flashclient): it will show the actual bonus of a sector. It will show the attack, defense and height of a sector. And before someone starts screaming “These values are different from the help manual !!!1111”. Yes. They are – because we are changing them. The walls and towers will get a boost, so the influence to the battle should be more significant.

And by the way: from Thursday on I am going to be on Vacation for three weeks. As you might know, I am currently working on the chat feature for the west – or more precisely, I am working much more on the userinterface for it than on the technical details that is running serverwise (so this time I am less likely to be blamed for technical problems that might arise during the introduction phase of the chat).
Anyway: I am soon on vacation and I won’t be able to be present when the chat is being introduced. Unless it gets delayed because of technical problems of course. I already wrote the deactivation code so that the game can be released without the chat in case of troubling server software – don’t be disappointed if 1.22 is released with deactivated chat, I still regard the awards as the more important feature. Also a lot of features are still missing in the chat that you are certainly going to complain about… but the most important things are working by now: Townchat and fortbattle chat (for defenders / attackers).
Some people have asked why we did the chat now – the answer is a bit difficult. More or less, it’s because of the fort battles. Communication is an important factor in battles and so, the chat is an important strategical component, even if it does not affect the battle mechanics themselves directly at all. We were uncertain about the order of implementation – should we do the custom battle maps first, the fort shop, character bonus depending on the class of the character and so on. There are still a lot of features missing and we intend to integrate them one by one. So more or less, the battlegrounds are still being actively developed and thus changed. There are so many countless ideas around of what we can do with the battle system… but there’s simply a limit of how much we can do at a time.

So keep playing, I’ll look foraward to integrate the rest of all the still missing features after my vacation!


  1. Shulik
    Shulik September 14, 2009

    So have a nice vacation πŸ™‚

    And than you so much for the minor feature in the battle preview, it’s important for making strategies. πŸ™‚

  2. abedy
    abedy September 15, 2009

    Have a nice one Zet πŸ˜‰

  3. Liz Lemon
    Liz Lemon September 17, 2009

    you all have so much nice ideas!!
    it’s great!
    can’t wait to see and use them!

    thanks a lot to share all this with us.
    have a nice vacation!

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