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2.03: TheWestApi change

Recently there is a small addition on our TheWestAPI which can be used by scripters.
The belonging The West API page on this blog will be updated soon.

Our TheWestApi.register method now returns a GameScript object.

It contains most of the functionality as the TheWestApi.
Due to backward-compatibility the usual methods are still there, but are marked as deprecated and will be removed in the future versions.

When at least one script is registered to our Api a new interface element shows up.

It opens a new window where all registered scripts are located.
The content of the tab is left to the scripter itself.

It is quite simple to use. Just take a look at this javascript code-snippet:

var MyScript = TheWestApi.register(‘myscript’, ‘My Script’, ‘2.03’, ‘2.03’, ‘Myname’, ‘’);

MyScript.setGui(“<b>THIS</b> is my personal tab for my script.”);


Let us know when you want to have additional features implemented to the GameScript.


  1. the black penny
    the black penny February 9, 2013

    havent a clue what im looking at.

    scripts …
    so we doing acting?

  2. the black penny
    the black penny February 10, 2013

    done some research, and watching some CSI
    we could develop a spy program.
    we could then upload it or download it via the game.
    you would have a combined program
    enough computers with enough processing power…
    to hack the pentagon …dada !!

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