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Track It or Frak It!

If you’re a beta player, you’re already enjoying the recently added Quest-Tracker in it’s purest and most prototypal form we could offer you. Although working hard on getting it done for the just released 2.03, we had to postpone it to 2.04. Despite the fact that it basically works sufficiently, we felt it still needed a little bit more love regarding its feature-set and looks. Therefore we sat down, read your first impressions and collected your features-requests. As always, we couldn’t add everything but I hope we found a good middle ground.

Quest Book

How do I activate the Quest-Tracker?

It’s activated by default and every quest you accept will be automatically added to the Quest-Tracker.

If you want to add already accepted quests, just go to your beloved quest book and tick the new shiny check box.

How do I deactivate the Quest-Tracker?

If you manage to keep track of all the requirements by yourself and remember everything, you can deactivate the Quest-Tracker completely via

Settings -> Interface -> Quest-Tracker

You could also remove all the wachted quests but this would only last until you accept a new one of course.

Quest-Tracker Remove Quest

How do I remove a quest from the Quest-Tracker?

You can either deselect the check box in the quest book or hover over the quest’s title in the Quest-Tracker. You should see a little ‘x’ appearing which will happily remove the quest from the tracker.

How many quests can I track / will it overlay with the TaskQueue?

As many as you can accept which is currently 15 quests. However, depending on your screen size, you will get a scroll bar sooner or later. This is the only proper solution we came up with to avoid issues with other elements of the user interface.

The dynamic size calculation of the Quest-Tracker might need some adjustments, so let us know how you feel about it. As a last resort, you can always drag the window to another place (although the position is not saved).


Can I collapse the quests?

Yes, you can also do that in the current version but now it also saves the status of the single quests but it takes about five seconds till the status is transferred to the back-end.

So don’t instantly refresh your browser after (un)collapsing to prove me wrong, please :-).

Does it update itself?

Yes, it does update itself most of the time. However, since we have a lot of quest requirements, the Quest-Tracker doesn’t react to every requirement out there. If you encounter a requirement which doesn’t trigger an update, tell us. We’ll have a look and might implement it afterwards.

Some requirements are not implementable though. Also, the update might take up to five seconds. If it hasn’t updated itself, you can always reload the Quest-Tracker manually to get the latest status.

Anything else worth mentioning?

Well, the little quest book next to the label “Quest-Tracker” will open the quest book. A click on the quest’s title will open the quest (unfortunately, this doesn’t work for quests whose quest-giver are located on the map (like Waupee)).

Oh, and you can minimize the Quest-Tracker (I just added this feature while I was writing this blog post … I’m too lazy to take new pictures though, bear with me!).

That’s it for today. I don’t know when we gonna update the beta servers to 2.04 yet.


  1. Katerchen
    Katerchen February 14, 2013

    *.* Can I haz this shiny new device??

  2. Blue-footed Booby
    Blue-footed Booby February 14, 2013

    Can’t wait for it! This feature will be such a great benefit for all players. Thank you very much! 🙂

  3. butcer pete
    butcer pete February 14, 2013

    2 questions

    1- you can minimize the quest within the tracker but not minimize/close the entire tracker now. can we get an option for to minimize/close the tracker?? with a fortbattle and chat open the screen gets easily cluttered.

    2- you say the location of the window won’t be saved, will it in a future version??

  4. PiroCk
    PiroCk February 15, 2013

    It’s useless! We can live without it! Duel system is boring, people stop playing The-West, and the only thing you’re doing is Quest-tracker?! We’ve played 4 years without it. You think it is necessary? Pff…

  5. josh
    josh February 15, 2013

    Useless!? This is epic. My god, finally!

  6. the black penny
    the black penny February 15, 2013


  7. the black penny
    the black penny February 19, 2013

    you enter this world.
    level 0
    day one
    get into bar brawl
    lasts 5 min
    get thrown out of the saloon.(via window/door/roof/into pig much/horse trough/dirt)
    end of tutorial
    welcome to the west.

    people have on average less then 10 second attention span, when picking items, subjects or even games.
    you have less then ten second to get their attention,,or they will move on.

  8. the black penny
    the black penny March 19, 2013

    did you know.

    you have almost the same amount of players as
    the population of Holland the Netherlands.

  9. the black penny
    the black penny April 21, 2013

    sorry that i missed my post by 2 days and a few hours.

  10. the black penny
    the black penny June 11, 2013


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