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Patchday @ public.beta (1.21)

The gravestone overview
The gravestone overview

We are updating the beta world to 1.21

Changes are:

  • fixed the ranking table for L99 sorting
  • fort battles distribute XP and items
  • reports for fortbattles don’t show the stats, instead this is shown in the fort (crosslinks available)
  • items are distributed equally to the money brought in the battle (i.e if 10000$ are in the battle, you might get an item of that value divided by the number of survivers)
  • log failed logins (currently not displayed in the settings screen)
  • duelable again after dying in the fort (no more 48h protection)
  • Telegrams to player names containing special characters (f.e. Hungarian Γ‘)
  • using email addresses with ccTLD ( is now allowed
A nice strategical video about a fort battle where a lot of players are on-line and interacting, really awesome: strategical fort battle on YouTube



  1. Abdul
    Abdul July 30, 2009


    Thx the hungarian “Γ‘” character!

    Greets from Hungary πŸ˜‰

  2. anthraxx
    anthraxx July 30, 2009

    you’re welcome πŸ˜€ I come from Hungary so it was logical to use it in the announcement πŸ™‚

  3. anthraxx
    anthraxx July 30, 2009

    yep we did, its only on-line on the beta so the beta cemetery shouldn’t be too bad πŸ˜€ we will change this later.

  4. Bloodhunter
    Bloodhunter July 30, 2009

    whats with the fortshops?
    no fortshops with 1.21? πŸ™ i was really hoping that they come with this update…

  5. anthraxx
    anthraxx July 30, 2009

    they will come, but not in 1.21 πŸ™‚ i’m guessing its planned for 1.23 so it will take some weeks πŸ˜› but there will be a lot of new features you will love and dont care about the shop too much πŸ˜€

  6. Krystalus
    Krystalus July 30, 2009

    When we can see new update in the game for example in polish version??

  7. zet
    zet July 30, 2009

    @Krystalus: we intend to get 1.21 really quickly into the worlds. The beta has already most of the features that we want to have – which means that we are mostly now bug hunting again. And since there are not many changes, we don’t expect too much trouble when we do the rollout. Of course, this is not an answer, but actually, I will never give out any kind of dates or update plans unless it has been discussed with other developers and our boss. And then we normally announce it anyway.
    So asking for this is really not going to work on me πŸ˜‰

  8. Krystalus
    Krystalus July 30, 2009

    I’m only asking because fort attacks are pointless without exp πŸ™‚ anyway when you guys will add merchants to the forts ?? On help section we can see that in forts we will be able to build a shop what kind of items they will sale ??

    Last question
    and ony true or falls on this

    Thx for attention

  9. dheo
    dheo July 31, 2009

    The wall will provide a bonus protection?

  10. Micky1992
    Micky1992 July 31, 2009

    The new graveyard looks quite good and there were no bugs (damn, i didn’t think it would work with the first try =D )…

    Hopefully the shops will come in 1.22… It’s a long time until 1.23 ^^

  11. Bloodhunter
    Bloodhunter August 4, 2009

    anyway its as micky said a really long time
    i hate waiting ^^
    stop searching for little bugs :p
    we know and love innogames for its really nice and funny bugs xD

  12. Nietszche
    Nietszche September 8, 2009

    Sorry, but with this new version youΒ΄ve introduced that motivation affects money earn in duels…

    Is that “change” for ever????

    I think itΒ΄s quite hard to accept something like that.


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