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It’s the Final Countdown ??

September 3rd, 2016 5 comments

After several months and two test phases on the Polish servers it is almost time to release our changes to fort battles. Thanks to everyone who took part in the testing! It is impossible to please all players of every language but your feedback has helped guide us to a solution we believe will be a solid improvement upon the current situation.

With the next update we plan to implement a minimalist suite of changes from our testing. Compared to the version currently on Polish servers, we will leave the fort battle map’s original sector bonuses almost completely unchanged. Furthermore, defenders will no longer receive an inverse bonus from the flag penalty; instead they will merely receive no penalty from these sectors. Additionally we will slightly reduce the new worker class bonus. This leaves the final balancing changes as:

  • Stamina and hiding for attackers and defenders respectively are swapped with hiding and setting traps.
  • The flag and surrounding sectors provide no penalty to defenders.
  • The flag has a penalty of -10 and the surrounding sectors -5, halved from before.
  • Aiming and dodging add x0.5 to attack and defend values instead of x0.4.
  • Harambe is lost but never forgotten.
  • Workers receive an overall 20% bonus to their attack and defend values instead of 30% from sector bonuses only.

Of course no changes are ever really final. We will continue to monitor their performance over the coming weeks and apply any tweaks as necessary. At present evaluation, the changes satisfy our original criteria except for one element, reducing the likelihood that a battle reaches 55 rounds. That is something we may address in a future balancing initiative targeting damage and resistance calculation but for now we look forward to seeing some hard fought contests between attackers and defenders.

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