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upcoming release of 1.20

So, today we made the decision that 1.20 is to be released on the German world 1 during the morning time of Thursday. Other worlds will follow if it turns out to be running stable. Of course, since we have the beta world we are a bit more confident among the devs, but to be honest: There are a lot of places where we fear that something could go wrong.

As for my part I would expect that the fort battle server is going to have troubles in the first fight. When the first battle is being fought, there’ll be a lot of players involved and also a lot of spectators will try to watch it. However there’s a limit of how many players are going to be able to watch it. We’ve spent quite some time to prevent that an overflow of incoming connections are going to shut down the server. Instead it should simply denying new connections if there are too many connections open. We have a limit of 64 spectators for one battle and a limit of 512 connections in total. So in theory two battles could be fought at the same time or 4-5 when only fewer people are involved.

During the week I did also not only work on the server but also a bit on the client here and there. I added some artworks from our artists and also added the feature to the client that you can see who is actively playing in the game and who is not connected. There are also now popup information on the map so that it is easier to identify players on the map. Next to that we fixed bugs bugs and more bugs. Have I mentioned fixing bugs?

I am really curious how the release is going tomorrow, especially when the first fort battle is starting.


  1. Liz Lemon
    Liz Lemon July 2, 2009

    it is exciting to read that!

    I hope everything will work perfectly so you will be able to update all the worlds soon.
    Do you know, if everthing goes fine, all the other worlds will be update at the same time or if it will be done one world at the time? (french world always the last one ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    Continue your great work!
    Thanks for this blog. It’s cool to be inform of what is coming.

  2. zet
    zet July 2, 2009

    Sorry, I don’t know yet if all worlds are updated at the same time. It’s the first release where I am involved directly, so this is all new to me as well.

  3. nakshtra
    nakshtra July 2, 2009

    i hope it comes soon to .net also..
    but is it same as beta world??coz beta guide says tat only the member of attacking town can take part in the battle against the defending fort unlike beta where anyone can take part…so is this new rule implemented in german servers or is it the same??

  4. zet
    zet July 2, 2009

    No, you can always join attacks if you wish to unless you belong to a town that is owning the fort.
    We are currently fixing problems that are showing due to the release on world 1. We will fix these first before considering updating other worlds. This might take a while.

  5. cazuzakid
    cazuzakid July 3, 2009

    I’m very exciting to up-date day!

    The fort is a very important part of the far west histories and adventures!
    i am waiting that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Gamecmdr
    Gamecmdr July 3, 2009

    What do melee users do in fort battles, at least on the beta all the fort weaponsare guns?

    oh and just though id say forts look very cool from what i’ve seen, well done

  7. zet
    zet July 4, 2009

    @gamecmdr: Melee has currently no effect. But we have discussed the possibility of short ranged combat weapons in fort battles but there has no decision been made about if we will implement such a feature or not. Personally I am for melee weapon fight (i.e. you can fight with melee weapon in close fights if you are on the same height level while you can’t do a melee attack against players that are on the walls) but there are also arguments against it (like more complexity for the players).

  8. AztecEmp
    AztecEmp July 4, 2009

    I know this has been explained but, the exact date would be in July 1ยบ if I understood right, what you have written, and then the update will go to the other worlds if it function, or I am forgot something important.
    And by the way, What are going to be the building in the forts? Because I konw there are gonna be building like in the towns that can be built and upgraded.

  9. mrbay
    mrbay July 4, 2009

    Hey Zet!

    Does any skill affect damage right now in fort-battles? If not, will any do so?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work! You’ve been doing really really great.

  10. Gamecmdr
    Gamecmdr July 4, 2009

    so pretty much, if forts were realeased as they are now, people who have melee dueling specs, will be useless in fort battles because they have 0 shooting which is necessary for all fort weapons? dont you think thats unfair?

  11. George_W4
    George_W4 July 4, 2009

    With all the unfair advantages the melee dueler gets I’d like to see them left out for once. More guns for the West! YAY!

  12. zet
    zet July 4, 2009

    As expected, opinions are twofold. As I wrote in the first blog entry, I haven’t been playing west before starting implementing the forts. Therefore I can’t really tell how fair or unfair the skill rating is in the fortbattles. I got these values from Eiswiesel. But the goal has been that everyone is able to play in the battles without having too much disadvantage because of their skills – so the skill values are having less influence the more you have. A distributed skilling should provide more advantages over single skilled people. I think this also reflects a bit reality since specialists might be very good at something special but are lacking skills on other areas.
    And beyond that I can say that I’ve seen high level players in battles that simply had wrong strategies and lost against players of lower levels, either because of their superior number or their tactics. Distance, position, movement and especially teamplay are way more important than having the right skill attributes. Of course that helps too. But therefore I would endorse a gameplay with more options for the players regarding their interaction possibilities. And that would mean that melee fighters could do good in certain situations. For example hiding behind the walls and waiting for attackers to intrude the fort. Due to the line of sight, this could increase the possible strategies in the fort fights. But as said: We are discussing a lot of different possibilities for future changes, but right now we are working on other issues.

  13. carlos
    carlos July 4, 2009

    do u have date for .net or .es

    yet or no

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