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April 30th, 2010 13 comments

Instead of trying to do the perfect post (which I often try to do and then don’t finish it), I’ll try to make a short post with just the most important stuff.

  • We added quite a few new premium features. None of these will however be available on old worlds unless on special request of the community. Exact information will be given out when it’s out and the first worlds are opened with these features enabled
  • We extend the working queue from 2 to 3 (normal game) and from 4 to 8 (automation premium) queue slots.
  • A new taskbar is introduced that is visible on the main userinterface
  • The job screen got reworked, it’ll show meaningful absolute numbers instead of relative values
  • The job overview screen got reworked, it shows now products as well
  • There’ll be a list of recently fortbattles and a page to search for forts
  • The duell page will now show a strategy overview as well as it’ll allow to duel NPCs. The NPCs will have about the same level as the player, however, they’ll become tougher the more NPCs are beaten. NPC duels will hardly consume any time to do but it’ll consume the motivation for duels as well as it’ll drain some energy. No duelexperience is gained from NPC duels


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